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7 Reasons It’s Great to Have an Older Sister

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family

It’s difficult to describe our connection in a single word. We shared fights, toys, laughter and even a bedroom when we were children. I simply can’t imagine what my life would look like without her. My older sister and I got through most of life difficulties together. Many people complain about their siblings, but I’m really lucky to have the best big sister in the world! I’m strongly convinced that having a brother or a sister is the best gift your parents can give you. Sibling bonds are often the strongest and the warmest ever. And I can name at least 8 reasons why having a big sister is amazing.

1. She’s your unconditional advisor and teacher

It doesn’t matter whether you’re discussing your relationship, clothes or your future plans, your sister will always be your best advisor. My sister was my mentor when it came to resolving conflicts, maintaining friendship and relationship. I’m perfectly sure that she will tell the truth even if I don’t want to hear it, just because she loves me and cares about me. She is older, she has experienced more things and I can credit her words. She taught me a lot of essential life lessons from how to reject that annoying guy to how apply the mascara.

2. You have certain advantages in high school

Thanks to my sister I often hung out with seniors and that was really cool. My sister could stand up for me and protect me when I had troubles or conflicts. Moreover, she had a good reputation at school and she was an “A” student. She often helped me with homework and projects. Teachers loved her and they often thought I was also a good student. After school she helped me to choose the university and get ready emotionally to a different life. But for her support I would have felt lost in life.

3. An older sister is a role model

I haven’t noticed that before, but my behavior, manners and even my clothes are largely similar to hers. Yes, we grew up together and no wonder we have a lot in common. But she’s always inspired and encouraged me, that’s why I tried so hard to adopt her habits. I have never told her, but I was the happiest person in the world when she allowed me to put on something from her wardrobe. I secretly thought that it made me as cool as she was. Sure, I’m not her living image, but when we talk about most important life values and subjects, our opinions mostly coincide.

4. She’s the one you can trust

I’ve learned the hard way that friends are sometimes unreliable and you should always weigh your words even with the closest pals. Luckily, I can confide all my secrets and inmost thoughts to my sister. I know perfectly well that she’s happy when I’m succeeding and she sincerely sympathizes with me when I have a bad day. She’s the one I can play a fool with when we have great mood. Surprisingly, she knows more about me than our mom, thus she’s really the first person I trust.

5. She’s responsible and helpful

It’s just older kids’ destiny to look after their smaller sibs and help their parents in every possible way. Early responsibilities and duties made my older sister a more reliable person. I’m not really sure if she was satisfied with her role of a parent-appointed babysitter, but she performed well. Even now, when I’m not a small child, she feels like she’s still responsible for me. I believe that her care and attention build a profound basis for our closeness and strong connection. To be honest, her excessive care was a bit irritating at times. But when our parents were busy with their work, she literally replaced a mom.

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6. You can safely talk about your family with her

You can talk about your kinsfolk and household with your friends as well. But most often you can’t or don’t want to vent about your family problems to your fellows. They will hardly understand you the way your sister will do. Your sister has the right to play jokes, criticize and discuss your family members, relationships and family gatherings. We’re both confused to see our aunts during the holiday season and even this feeling of irritation brings us closer. We often discuss how to support our parents when they retire and we often think about our own future together.

7. Sibling bonds are the warmest and the strongest one

Siblings spend more time with one another than with any other person ever. Sibling relationships are considerably longer than relationship with a spouse, friends, parents and children. In fact, sibling bonds are the long-lasting relationship in life. Sibs have common childhood memories, they have deep, almost intuitive understanding and they usually feel one another’s feelings without words. Psychology experts claim that siblings who experienced hard times in childhood can establish unique connection between one another.

She’s that person who makes my life more enjoyable and lively. She remembers the time when I was a little crazy kid and she still loves me. When we were small, our relationship wasn’t that pleasing. And I’m happy that we overcame the period of fights and quarrels and now we’re the best friends. I know that my older sister is the best gift I could receive ever. Are you lucky to have an older sister or brother?