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8 Smart Ways to Survive Unfair Dismissal

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career

Nowadays work has become one of the most important parts of life. Modern people can’t imagine a happy life without their offices, projects and responsibilities. They become blind to other spheres of life, because those who turn like a squirrel in a wheel have almost no chance to take a break and enjoy life. I don’t know why people get so emotionally attached to their jobs. Attachment can easily bring suffering and disappointment since nothing lasts forever.

It seems that today almost everyone is afraid of the word “dismissal”. What is dismissal for you? My friend says that unfair dismissal is one of the worst things in the world. If you’re too sentimental and anxious, then you might think so too. I believe that even unfair dismissal is not the end of the world. Everything in life has advantages and disadvantages. No one can feel secured against problems. Communication and cooperation between people often lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. Sometimes it’s necessary to accept the situation and move on in another direction. You should realize that unfair dismissal is a chance for you to make a fresh start and change your life for the better.

Some employees prefer to appeal against the employer’s decision and make a claim for compensation. It will cost you a lot of effort and energy to resolve unfair dismissal case at a conciliation. You’d better try to bounce back and quickly turn your hand to another job. I’ve already faced two unfair dismissals in my life. I hope my life experiences and pieces of advice will help you remain confident and get a better job in a quite short period of time.

1. Have a good rest

Unfair dismissal is a very stressful and unpleasant event. It exerts a negative influence on both your physical and emotional well-being. When I faced my first unfair dismissal, I couldn’t stop thinking about that problem. As a result, obsessive thoughts made me feel absolutely exhausted. My decision to have a good night’s sleep helped me reset my physical and mental well-being. Good night’s sleep is the best and the most effective way of relaxation. Try to stay away from social networks and remove the numbers of former co-workers from your cell phone. Don’t let them remind you of your work and fill your heart with pain and sorrow again. Try to reduce chronic stress by practicing different relaxation techniques. It’s not necessary to attend luxury spa salons. Meditation and hot bath are not less effective than massage or other relaxing procedures.

2. Reduce your expenses

Unfortunately, many people prefer to live paycheck to paycheck. The statistics show that people who live for the moment usually have financial issues in future. It’s desirable to be more provident today, because a modern life is full of risks. These risks and difficulties usually lead to big financial expenses. Health problems and unfair dismissals are the most common troubles of humanity. Unfair dismissals make people tighten their belts and reduce their expenses for economy reasons. If you want to sleep free of worry and be confident in your financial stability, you should keep money for a rainy day.

When I was younger I couldn’t understand and accept my father’s habit of saving money. When our family once faced a trouble, however, we had an opportunity to surmount barriers and survive. Now I understand that extra deposit is so important like an airbag in my car.

3. Think optimistically

Optimism has always been the best weapon against stress. It helps people deal with harsh realities of life and gives them energy to overcome challenges every day. As an optimist, I believe that dismissal has many advantages. I know many people who started a successful career after painful and unfair dismissals. As usual, unfair dismissal gives a stimulus to strong-willed and purposeful people who’re used to live an active life. When I was unfairly dismissed I read the professional autobiographies of world famous business leaders. That information showed me that their life was not a bed of roses. They also had to face unfair dismissals and went through numerous ups and downs. Their inspirational quotes about life and work helped me believe in my abilities again and start my own business.

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4. Overcome the fear of uncertainty

Today the fear of being fired has much in common with the fear of uncertainty. People have no idea how to live and pay the bills without stable incomes. Don’t let the fear of uncertainty take over! Take a sheet of paper and write down all pros and cons of your job. Modern jobs have more cons than pros. You should realize that sometimes unfair dismissal is a kind of blessing that gives you an opportunity to find your true calling in life and start a new career. It often happens that lack of money and ideas don’t let you take up the running and take all necessary measures to handle the situation. In this case, you should seek support from your dearest and nearest, because they’re the only ones who can give you a helping hand. Their emotional and financial support will help you survive unfair dismissal and forget about your fears.

5. Resist the temptation to take revenge

The temptation of taking revenge on your boss or co-workers is incredibly strong. You can play a nasty trick on them or paralyze the company for a certain period of time. Do you believe that revenge will help you get your rights back? I don’t think so. It can only intensify the problem and you’ll make a lot of new enemies. The bosses of large companies usually know each other by name. Do your best to leave the company with a good reputation.

If you’re not the one who can swallow your pride and wave goodbye with a smile on your face, then try to do the following thing. Start your own business and prove your former co-workers that you’re the most successful person in the world. I believe that your happiness and prosperity are the best revenge for your enemies. Strong and wise people prefer to forgive evil-wishers.

6. Become a freelancer

Have you ever heard about freelance? Freelance is a kind of work for people who’re sick and tired of offices, mad bosses and busy schedules. Forget about your former job and enjoy freedom. You’re not a slave any more. You have a chance to pack your bags and move to a country or city you want, because you’ll be working alone. Nowadays freelance has become extremely popular and demanded. People tend to be more independent and goal-oriented. If you decide to become a freelancer, you’ll have to be more assiduous. Try to manage your time effectively and remember you’re the only one who is responsible for your work.

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7. Don’t forget about temporary jobs

Many people who have been unfairly dismissed from a well-paid job often refuse to occupy themselves with a temporary work. These people usually get depressed after unfair dismissal, because it’s very difficult to find a good job.

I think that temporary job helps desperate people keep their heads above water during the hard times. You can make good money by giving private lessons. First of all, you should understand what your true calling is. Then, you can easily turn your hobbies and interests into a career.

8. Boost your self-esteem

Psychologists state with assurance that unfair dismissal can seriously damage employees’ self-esteem. This traumatic event usually makes people think that they’re good for nothing. Every time you face unfair dismissal you should always remember that you’re the best and the most professional specialist in your field. The criticism and offensive words of your former boss may not correspond to reality. Don’t take it close to heart and avoid arguments with your enemies. Forget about everything and focus on your life.

We’re living in a civilized world where human rights are protected from discrimination. If you think that you have been unfairly dismissed, you can either make a claim or find a new well-paid job. Remember that job is not the main priority in this life. It’s just the tool for reaching your goals. Have you ever been unfairly dismissed? How did you survive your unfair dismissal? Share your experiences, please.