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Happy Valentine’s Day! How to Have a Really Happy Day

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Valentine’s Day is finally here! Whether you love this holiday or want to forget about it, you can make this day happier with these simple tricks. Many people are looking for last minute gifts, perfect restaurants and budget-friendly hotels, and they end up feeling exhausted and tired late in the day. We are so focused on gifts, restaurants and parties that we forget the true spirit of the holiday. Many claim Valentine’s Day is highly commercialized, but have you ever thought of why it is so? Because we make this holiday commercialized.

Whether you are married or single, Valentine’s Day is for everyone. You can celebrate it with your parents, kids, friends, neighbors, and pets. There are many wonderful family-friendly activities to try with your kids to make Valentine’s Day happier and less stressful. Just because you are married and have children doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate the day of love. A few days ago, I met my old friend and asked her about her Valentine’s Day plans. She said, “I’m married and have a baby, I don’t have to celebrate it and spend my money on gifts.” It’s a shocking answer, and maybe she’s right, but I believe Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate love, even if you’ve been married for 10 years and have adult children. I’m not talking about gifts and money. I’m talking about spending the whole day and evening without your family. You can play board games, watch your favorite movies, have a scavenger hunt, bake some cookies, create some Valentine’s Day crafts and do anything that can bring lots of smiles to your faces and joy to your souls. It’s one of the most soulful ways to have a really happy Valentine’s Day.

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If you are single on Valentine’s Day, it’s not a reason to skip this holiday. Bake some cookies, cook some meals and head to shelters. Feed stray animals and homeless people. Share your love with those who think they don’t deserve to be happy on Valentine’s Day. You will feel you are not alone and there are many people who can brighten your day and you can make them a bit happier. Volunteering is probably the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A few hours ago I went for a short walk and fed several stray dogs and cats. I feel happier now, because I know that some animals have a hearty Valentine’s Day.

If you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner, try to fill your day with love, not with expensive gifts. Go for a midnight walk, go skating, cook together, have a romantic dinner, watch some romantic movies and do whatever you both want. The golden rule is to avoid fighting and any disagreements.

No matter what you’ll choose to do, I’m sure you will have a happy day and, of course, night! Stop moaning about your single or married life, enjoy the holiday as you did it in your childhood! Happy Valentine’s Day! Wish you lots of joy, smiles and true love!