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8 Ways to Give Yourself an Instant Confidence Boost

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

If you’re low in self-confidence, there are many things you can do to give yourself an instant confidence boost. Typically, lack of self-confidence isn’t necessarily related to lack of beauty, money, ability or talent. It’s all about how you perceive the world and yourself. It may be hard for you to imagine someone who always radiates confidence and keep smiling whatever happens to them. Confident people have more chances to become successful and happy, because they believe in themselves and aren’t afraid to fail. Check out what valuable tips you can learn from highly confident people:

1. So, they think you’re crazy and what?

Whether you are doing bad or great, people never stop talking and gossiping about you. Be ready for it and learn how to ignore all the negative feedbacks. If you are planning to quit your job and travel around the world, there will be someone who’ll try to prevent you from reaching that goal. Don’t give up. If they call you ‘crazy,’ simply say that you are a crazingly happy person. Don’t allow others make your life miserable, stay confident and assertive and negative people will avoid you at all costs.

2. Say it and mean it

Now that you’ve just woken up, repeat after me, “I’m strong and confident. No one is going to ruin my plans today. Today, I’ll stay productive, positive and happy, accomplish all the tasks and turn a bad day into a good one, whatever happens. ” Develop a habit of saying something positive (out loud) in the morning to give yourself an instant confidence boost.

3. Be your own cheerleader

Don’t expect others to cheer you up every time you feel down and depressed. Become your own cheerleader. It doesn’t mean you should ignore your parents, friends or coworkers. It means you can count on yourself when others are busy or simply far away from you. Being independent help you overcome your insecurities and become more self-confident.

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4. Read a book

I know, I know, the last thing you want to do when you feel down and lack of confidence is reading. However, reading is one of the best confidence boosters. Regardless of the book you are going to read today, you will be proud of yourself at the end of the day because not everyone can read a book these days. Look for a book that helps boost confidence – there’s a great variety to choose from.

5. They are not better than you

No one is better than you are. You are special, talented and smart. You have your own traits and do things differently. When you compare yourself to others, you automatically reduce your confidence level. Maybe they do something better than you, but there’s certainly something that they do worse than you. Every time you make a mistake, you may think you are good-for-nothing and you don’t need to strive to be successful. Don’t lose faith in yourself. Just be happy being yourself, don’t mind what others think or say, and you will be able to accomplish even the hardest goals. Faith is a powerful thing that helps many people to get their confidence back.

6. Stay yourself

Do whatever your soul wishes. Don’t wait for anyone’s approval. Want to express your opinion? Do it! Want to move to another city/country? Do it! Want to lead a healthy lifestyle? What are you waiting for? Want to dye your hair blue? Why not? Follow your dreams, reach your goals and take your own decisions.

7. Be more assertive

If you see that someone is trying to stop you from reaching your goals, don’t give in. Be more assertive and selfish. These two traits will boost your confidence for good and help you achieve your career goals. Oftentimes, it’s better to be selfish than let others walk all over you.

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8. Take care of yourself

Although you don’t need to look perfectly beautiful, taking care of yourself is a must. First of all because a sick person can’t look beautiful. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, take care of your body and dress smartly. When you look great, you feel great and look more confident. Even the busiest people make time to take care of themselves so you can do the same.

There are many confidence boosters out there. Every person can pick their own way to improve their confidence levels, but remember that everything begins in your mind. The power of mindset is huge so think positively and avoid saying any negative things during the day. Negativity is probably a number one confidence killer, which is why I’ve always recommended people to stay away from anything or anyone negative. Do you believe self-confidence is the key to success?