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Building Your Business with Social Media

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career

Social networking websites can promote your business’s products in a way no other technique can. But building your business with social media can be tiresome, puzzling, and downright intimidating. Read on to discover easy tips to make social media work in your favor.


Mostly everyone has a personal profile on Facebook. But the question is, how do you use Facebook to build your business? First of all, create a separate profile for your business. Title it according to the name of your business, choose a profile picture of your business’s logo, and keep it constantly updated. Target groups on Facebook that fit right into your business’s niche. For example, if you run a bakery, the Cupcake Lovers group might be a good place to join. Join these groups, and that will help you build a dedicated fan-base. Update your business’s profile with pictures of your products, promotional buzz, and tips for customers who want to try out something in your area of expertise.


Twitter can be a confusing map to navigate – how do you effectively promote your business with only 140 characters allowed per tweet? Create a Twitter account for your business and spread the word: post your Twitter link on your business’s website, have it up in your store, etc. Post funny, informative, and promotional tweets. Rotate between these. For example, if you’ve got an interior design business, you could tweet links to sites with great paint options, flea market directories, etc. Remember, funny tweets keep your audience coming back for more!


It seems like everyone’s jumping on this bandwagon. Since you can’t join without someone else referring you, get one of your friends who’s already on Pinterest to do so. Once you have created an account, think in picture-mode! Pinterest is all about sharing photos that catch the eye of others. If you run a handmade jewelry business, upload pictures of those seashell earrings you’re particularly proud of. With every picture that you upload, put a link to your business’s website in the caption, along with the name of your business.


This nut is much harder to crack than other websites. Tumblr users are sassy, smart, independent, and looking for things that pique their interest, not just boring promotional messages. Tumblr is also big on pictures, so rotate between Pinterest and Tumblr for photos. However, Tumblr is great for short posts and quotes. If you have your own clinic, funny medical cartoons might be a good option for Tumblr. Let your smart-aleck, cut-edge side shine. A word of advice: building a fan-base on Tumblr takes a dedicated, motivated, and alert entrepreneur. Websites like FollowerBlast and TumblrPromos can help you start with a few followers if you have the time. On Tumblr, the more blogs you follow, the more followers you will get.

These four websites are the biggest names in social marketing, and once you have a loyal fan-base on each of these, your sales will be soaring. Use the Internet to your advantage with social media.