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Freelance Article Writing Business Idea: Generate Greater Profits with Exclusive Article Sparks

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career

Okay, you’ve found what you want to do to make money. You’ve chosen to start a freelance article writing business! As you sit back and imagine how your day-to-day life will be like from now on, visions of dollar signs dance in your head.

You can see yourself clicking away at the computer or laptop in your pajamas, the glare of the screen reflected in the lens of your glasses as you pause to sip your coffee. Or perhaps you’re the pen and paper type who chooses to curl up in the armchair, on the sofa, or at the kitchen table as your muse flows through your fingertips. You’ve got work from plenty of clients…more than enough to cover all your expenses and save for a rainy day or vacation.

Sounds nice, right? Before you take that leap, consider this: what exactly will your freelance article writing business look like? Will you pitch yourself to potential clients and write as assignments come in, as is traditional? Or will you be another provider of private label rights articles on the market?

Here’s a suggestion you probably don’t hear too often: try an exclusive, pre-written freelance article business model instead.

Why Should You Sell Your Articles Exclusively?

Many freelance writers like to turn to offering private label rights article packages or write for clients. However, writing beforehand and selling each of your articles to one buyer exclusively may be something worth exploring. The perks of selling pre-written freelance articles include:

  • Higher perceived value. If only one person is allowed to use each article, then the buyer knows the exact same content won’t be all over the web, which means…
  • More cash paid to you upfront. It can take a while to build up customers and clientèle, especially for beginners. So you can do yourself a favor and get more money upfront with a single purchase.
  • You can start right away and write as you go. With private label rights packages, you have to write them all upfront. Depending on how fast you write and how many articles per pack you include. That could take you days! This scenario has put some off from ever starting, and the idea of waiting for clients to request content in more traditional freelance writing careers fills others with dread. Therefore, this article writing business idea could be a happy alternative for you, if you count yourself among either group.
  • You get to choose your topics. As eluded to above, you can avoid the feeling of drudgery by sticking to subjects and niche markets you know about, have a passion for, and can quickly and easily write for off the top of your head or with some quick research.
  • Specialization brings even higher perceived value and higher prices. When your clients and customers know you specialize in a particular subject, you become their go-to article writer for that niche. They become accustomed to your writing and stick around, so you can raise your prices and not lose much (if any) revenue since they’ll be more reluctant to change writers when they already have someone they like.
  • You can spice up your articles with a little more flair than your average private label rights content. Instead of having to keep things simpler for multiple customers to be able to spin your work effectively, using a more unique voice in your freelance article writing business means more fun for you. You also don’t have to stick to insert SEO keywords in ways that make you sound like a robot or like too many other article writers on the web. That only helps you stand out even more, which increases the desirability of others to want to purchase your articles.

The Advantages of an Exclusive Freelance Article Writing Business:

  1. It has a higher perceived value than private label rights articles.
  2. You can start today and earn as you go.
  3. You can receive more revenue upfront with just one buyer.
  4. You write what you want, instead of what you don’t want.
  5. You can specialize to stand out even more.
  6. Your articles can carry a unique voice that makes your writing easier and more enjoyable.

Now think back to your day-to-day routine, and imagine how much happier you are and how much you look forward to logging on or picking up the pen to write another exclusive article to sell. You don’t have to slog away working yourself to the bone for peanuts like too many others, you enjoy what you do, and you have plenty of time to devote to other interests. Give this freelance article writing business idea a try, and you may never again contemplate doing it any other way!