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How to Write a Newsworthy Social Media Press Release

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career

The standard traditional press release is now a faded memory thanks to social media and online marketing tools. If your company or business is strapped when it comes to advertising and marketing budgets, it literally pays to learn how to write a newsworthy social media press release. In order to effectively market your brand on the Internet, an online press release needs to quickly engage online audiences and media contacts. The following tips will show you how to write an effective social media press release. 

1. Write a short keyword-rich main headline and secondary headline

Less is more when it comes to writing effective headlines that grab your audience’s attention. Keep the headline short and simple, and don’t get too creative with the wording. Make sure to include researched SEO keywords in your headline and secondary headline. A secondary headline is not always necessary, but most online press release services require a secondary headline that summarizes the key points of the press release. Limit the secondary headline to one sentence and don’t be too wordy. A powerful headline needs to hook your reader quickly. If you don’t know what keywords to include, check out free online keyword research tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool.

2. Include newsworthy facts in the body of the press release

The five Ws (and H) of journalism still apply in a social media press release: who, what, when, why, where, and how. Do not set up your press release to sound like a disguised advertisement for your services and products. This is the most common mistake companies make when writing a social media press release. Most online press release distribution services will automatically reject a press release that doesn’t include a newsworthy angle. Think like a journalist and spin a creative angle. For example, a newsworthy angle would be if your company just launched a new innovative energy-efficient product that will save consumers thousands of dollars. Think locally and regionally as well. How has your brand/company helped your local community or city?

3. Include multimedia such as videos and images

If your company or business creates YouTube promotional videos or has compelling photos/images, don’t forget to include them in your press release. List the links at the end of the social media press release so it doesn’t distract from your newsworthy message. You can also include RSS feeds.

4. Add relevant links and social media sharing

Don’t forget to include links to your website, blog, social media sites, social bookmarking, etc. Make it easy for the reader or editor to share your press release. A helpful tip: make sure to include your Twitter hashtags and Facebook fan page link. The media wants to see how many fans and followers you have, and if you have created a popular social media buzz around your brand. 

5. Proofread and edit before you distribute your press release

Before you post online or email to media contacts, edit and proofread your press release. Check for grammar and spelling errors. Research other social media press releases for layout and messaging ideas. The smallest typo could turn off journalists and editors, and your company brand won’t be taken seriously. If you have a friend or colleague who writes well, ask them to review your press release for helpful feedback. 

Remember that a social media press release needs to capture the attention of your reader quickly, so stick to the facts, limit content to one page, and don’t forget to include your contact information. Check out press release distribution services that will directly send your press release to media contacts. A well-written, newsworthy social media press release can boost your company’s image while promoting your brand to media contacts and online audiences.