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8 Fun Family Activities to Try This Fall

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family

Fall is a fantastic season, especially for families with kids. There are many fun family activities you can try this fall, no matter whether you have kids or not. Summer activities are unique and diverse, but the fall season can also offer a great number of wonderful activities. My kids enjoy swimming and water fights, but they say that jumping in a huge pile of fall leaves and venturing through a corn maze with the whole family are much more interesting activities. My husband and I have very busy schedules but we know that fall is a special season for our kids and we always find time to try these 8 fun family activities.

Stop spending hours watching TV and moaning about the cold weather. Grab your family, friends, and even your neighbors and try out some of the best fall activities right now!

1. Decorating the house for fall

When it comes to the fall season, we always decorate our house in fall colours. We decorate it inside and outside with beautiful fall leaves, pumpkins, nuts and some DIY fall crafts. You don’t have to spend money on different fall decorations. You can make your own ones. Pick up some fall flowers and make a few small bouquets. Grab some pinecones, orange leaves and apples to make small decorations for your living room. Decorate your yard with carved pumpkins, or just pumpkins.

Every autumn, my kids make different fall wreaths as well. The first wreath, fall foliage wreath, we make for our door. The second one, fall handprint wreath, we make for my kids’ bedroom door. If you want to try to make a handprint wreath with your kids, you will need paper plate, construction paper in different fall colors, scissors and glue. Start with cutting the center out of your paper plate, and then ask your kids to trace their handprints on construction papers. Cut it out and ask your kids to glue their handprints around the wreath.

2. Apple picking

Although it’s not a new activity, your family will definitely enjoy picking apples. Children and parents and even grandparents alike are guaranteed to have a lot of fun and enjoy breathtaking apple scenery. We always look for orchards with small trees so that my kids can pick some apples themselves. After we are done picking the apples, we decorate the house with some apples and use a few apples to make a tasty apple pie. After all, nothing says autumn like the smell of a warm apple pie baking in the oven!

You can also bake apples or freeze apples. My family loves baked apples filled with cinnamon, pecans, and raisins and I always try to bake some apples and reward my little ones for their hard work in the apple orchard!

3. Fall scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the most exciting fall activities for adults and kids alike. This activity is perfect for weekends and you can hold it whether in your backyard or nearest park. You can ask your kids to find pinecones, acorns, bark, a rake, a squirrel, a pumpkin, an apple, a red leaf, a yellow leaf, an orange leaf, a tree with plenty of leaves and no leaves, and many other easy-to-find things.

If you have older children, you can ask them to find leaves with smooth edges, a branch with leaves on it, wild berries (just make sure your kids don’t eat them!), flowers, something triangle or square. The list of items is actually endless. A scavenger hunt is also a fun way to pass time on a rainy day at home.

4. Going to a pumpkin patch

No fall activity is complete without pumpkins. I think a pumpkin is a symbol of the fall season. Go to a pumpkin patch this fall and to get some bright and unique pictures of everyone. Most of us live in big cities and we enjoy the luxury of modern life, but it’s important to escape from hustle and bustle of big city life at least once a year.

A pumpkin patch is a perfect place to visit this fall and relax while your little ones have a great time choosing pumpkins for your soups, pies and Halloween. You can make lots of funny, crazy, or frightful jack-o-lanterns together for this Halloween season and impress your friends and neighbors with your creativity!

5. Fall photo scavenger hunt

While a simple fall scavenger hunt is the best activity for kids, a photo scavenger hunt is ideal for teens and adults. Grab your phones and cameras and go on a fall photo scavenger hunt today. Your family will definitely love exploring the park or neighborhood together, I promise! Moreover, you will stay active all day long and will get some wonderful family pictures for the future. Don’t forget to enjoy a hot chocolate with marshmallows after your photo scavenger hunt! It’s a delicious reward for your hard work!

Last year my family went on a fall photo scavenger hunt and we got fantastic pictures and made a huge photo collage! This fall season, we are going to make even bigger photo collage!

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6. Backyard camping

If you don’t have a backyard, this fall activity might not be for you. However, why not set up your campsite in your living room? You can bring some fall leaves and branches home and decorate your campsite. No insects, no blankets and no warm clothes…what can be better?

But if you have a backyard, then camping in the backyard is a must-try activity this fall. In fact, backyard camping is an amazing way to spend a night with your family or friends outdoors. Fall nights are perfect for camping because of the cool weather and lack of insects. You don’t have to worry that you forget something since you will be close to home. Enjoy sitting around the campfire, roast some s’mores and veggies and tell some scary stories.

7. Playing in the fall leaves

Playing in the fall leaves is a great activity for the whole family. You can go to your local park or play at home in your backyard. If you need to clean the fall leaves out of your yard, grab your rakes and start raking all the leaves together. You can play in the leaves or jump in those piles of leaves. Don’t forget to take pictures! Your family will have a great time cleaning up your yard!

Well, since my kids don’t like raking the leaves, I usually make it a fun game. Those who will rake up the most leaves will get some special gifts and tasty treats. This always works for me! My backyard is always clean during the fall season and my kids spend less time in front of TV!

8. Corn mazes

Have you ever tried this fall activity? Corn mazes are a fabulous activity for the entire family. Find a corn maze near you and bring your family and friends. Split up into two or three teams, and see who will get through that corn maze the fastest! You can try it at night if you are going to the corn mazes without kids.

Last fall, my family and I went through the 5-acre corn maze with more than 2.5 miles of paths, and a few scenic bridges. It was a fantastic adventure and we had lots of fun!

Probably the best thing about these activities is that they are versatile. Even if you don’t have kids or husband, you can enjoy these activities with your friends or parents. Forget about TV and social media and enjoy this fall season to the fullest! What are your favorite fall family activities? Do you have any other family-friendly ideas?