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6 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Successful School Year

Catalina 6 months ago - in Family

The beginning of the school year is filled with hopes, dreams, and positivity. Everyone looks forward to a fresh start. However, as the year goes on, many moods start to change and things do not seem as bright as they did in the beginning. As a parent, there are ways to help your child have a great school year, all year long.

1. Start with a positive outlook

Most children are excited to start a new school year and have a positive outlook on the year ahead. This is a great way to start the school year, but it is important to keep that vision throughout the year as much as possible. Negative thoughts only bring negative reactions. Help your child see the positive side of school all year long.

2. Set goals throughout the year

I suggest sitting down with your child, no matter their age, and discuss what they want to accomplish this school year. Maybe it is make a new friend or get a 3.0 GPA. Whatever it is, spend time helping your child set small goals throughout the year to meet that one big goal they want to accomplish before the year is over.

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3. Check in often

Once the goals have been set, it is important to check back often to see the progress toward the goal. If the progress is slow, then adjustments can be made as needed, and maybe a new goal is created based upon the evidence you have seen at this checkpoint.

4. Provide a place for homework

Having a place set aside for homework, if possible, is a great way to show your child how important their work is. It is also important that you play an active role in helping with homework. For example, if your child is asked to read 30 minutes each night, then you need to provide the space and time, and maybe even participate with your child.

5. Attend conferences with a positive attitude

Sometimes parent/teacher conferences can be tense, but if everyone realizes that this is a team working together to provide opportunities for learning, then conferences can be beneficial for all. Go with a positive attitude. Think about your child’s teacher as an expert. You are the parent, but your child’s teacher has spent, and continuously spends, a great deal of time learning the newest and best methods of teaching, so trust them. Remember, you are a team.

6. Be a role model

Show your child how important education is to you and to their future. Allow your child to see the times you read and do mathematical and scientific skills throughout the day. Do not waste your time bad mouthing education, school, and teachers if you want your child to be successful and love learning. They look to you for what to expect.

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Helping your child have a successful school year is one of the best practices you can do as a parent. You are showing them that education is valued and respected. These attitudes and actions help your child succeed and have a great school year, all year long, as well as throughout life.