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How to Teach Your Child Responsibility in Fun Ways

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family

Getting kids to be responsible is not usually an easy task for any age whether toddler or teen. However, teaching children while they are young can make a big difference as they prepare for leaving the nest. There are a variety of creative and fun ways to teach responsibility to your children no matter what your children’s ages. It just takes some ingenuity to get started.

How to get your child to do chores

No one likes to do chores, but it is part of being a responsible member of the family. Everyone does their part to make the home cohesive and comfortable. Here are some ideas to teach them in a fun way:

  • When your kids are young, you can make it a game. You can set a timer and have them pick up their toys by playing “Beat the Timer.” Have them pick things up that are a certain color or shape. Play “I Spy” by naming an object that needs taken care of.
  • As children age, the game is not quite as fun, so you must be more creative. Use a chore chart where the children earn something tangible once they have met a goal you’ve set for them. Write chores on a strip of paper, fold it up, and put it in a jar for them to draw from. Whatever chore they pick is the one they do.
  • Make clean up a challenge or competition for those kiddos who like to compete.

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How to teach money management

Teaching your child how to manage money is a must. You will need to show them how to make, save, and budget their money. If your children do not earn money, you can buy play money and still do the same lessons as you would with real money.

Make play checkbooks, bank registers, budget sheets and more for them to play with and learn. As they get older, they will be ready for the real thing because you have taken the time to teach them money management skills.

How to help your child to get and hold a job

Children can have a “job” at any age. Toddlers can have a job where they help someone whether it is helping mom put grocery items in a cart or helping with the dinner dishes. As children age, the common types of jobs they can get are babysitting, lawn care, pet sitting, etc.

When you teach them the skills they need for a job, be sure to create an application form of some kind for them to fill out, a work schedule, and a pay schedule. Teach them rules such as getting to work on time and giving a notice when ready to quit. This can all be done in pretend play until they are old enough to do it for real.

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Kids will enjoy learning responsible skills that will carry them through adulthood if you take the time to teach them in a fun and creative manner. Do not ever think that because your child is not a certain age that they can’t do something. They can and will want to.