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10 Most Lucrative Jobs for Women in 2017

Catalina 6 months ago - in Career

Looking to find a solid career that earns you more than just a living but some luxury as well? Though there is a definite pay gap between men and women, these ten jobs will empower you to keep pushing the boundaries and push through the glass ceiling. Here are the highest earning jobs for women in 2017:

1. Pharmacist

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,800

You have undoubtedly met a pharmacist once or twice. These are the people who manage and dispense the medications patients are prescribed from a doctor. Pharmacists may also provide you with advice on medication usage or discuss potential side effects.

Typical places of employment are the drug and grocery store pharmacy counters, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. In order to become a Pharmacist, you need a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and be licensed to practice. The license is typically obtained after passing one or two exams.

2. Physicians and Surgeons

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,500

There are hundreds of physician and healthcare doctor types out there to specialize in. Some naturally make more than others. Surgeons, for one, after are the highest paid members of the hospital that they are affiliated with. Depending on your field (pediatrics, gynecology, oncology, etc), you may be seeing patients and operating on them too.

Getting into the medical industry takes a long while, and the schooling can be quite challenging. You need four years of undergraduate school before entering medical school, then a residency of three to seven years depending on your field. But if you have a dream, do it.

3. Information Technology Systems Manager

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,500

IT is a perpetually budding industry. Information Technology Managers will always be in need and have their hands full. As an IT manager, you would be coming up with plans and solutions, coordinating teams, and implementing computer-based projects (that will later be analyzed by your team).

A firm understanding of computer hardware and software is essential, as well as development, coding, web design, and computer diagnostics. Many IT managers have a Bachelor’s degree in their field, though there is nothing wrong with going for the master’s degree for a more specific occupation.

4. Human Resources Manager

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,300

HR, or Human Resources, are responsible for a couple essentials in business: directing and overseeing the procedures of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new members to the company. Other duties include making protocol, training, and safety pamphlets.

HR may also act as an in-between for employees and management to rely on what employees want and what management is willing to give. To become an HR manager, you have to have experience and a Bachelor’s degree. Certification can also boost your prospects of getting hired.

5. Engineering

Median Weekly Earning: $1,300 (though this depends largely on what type of engineering you specialize in)

This is one of those jobs that will forever be within the highest pay bracket. Engineering is actually one of the best occupations for women to get into, because the pay is high regardless of gender, and there are so many opportunities out there, in a slew of fields. As an engineer, you can work in research and design, in more technical or scientific outlets, or even in computers.

There are also public, private, and federal sector engineering jobs, where the size and magnitude of the engineering job can change drastically. Though schooling may take a while, you can generally find a decent engineering job with a bachelor’s degree. The trick is to find a decent mentor who will take you under their wing.

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6. Education Administrators

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,200

When you are tired of working with students, it is time to school the teachers and board members. Education Administrators are the ones behind the scenes and educational institutions. They plan, manage, and oversee the functioning of the school.

Depending on the school and the level of authority, an Education Administrator may find herself called Principal, Superintendent, or Dean. To become an administrator, experience and education are a must. That usually means a Master’s Degree and time teaching in a school.

7. Chief Executives

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,500

Lady CEOs are queens of the business world. These top-brass officials deal with planning, coordinating, and overseeing the operations of a company—their own or someone else’s. You can find CEOs in most public and private-sector industries.

Everyone knows how crazy the life of a CEO can be. Earning the top bracket of most pay scales comes at a cost, such as long hours and being the sole entity responsible for the success of the company. That means putting life on hold. But if you are goal-oriented and ambitious, why not shoot for the highest position out there?

8. Software Developers

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,450

Love building software? Software developing might be for you. See, these people do more than build software, they help it adapt to the ever-evolving face of technology. You can work with teams that analyze the needs of users or work on designing new applications or writing new code. Of course, you are just not working with code either. You will draw out the design, give presentations on it, and need to be able to test out the newest updates.

9. Computer Programmers

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,350

No, software developers and computer programmers are not the same. Computer programmers write, test, and improve upon the code that all applications and fundamental programs run on. A computer programmer worth her salt will know various programming languages like Java, Java EE, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, and .NET.

While computer programmers can get a decent job with just an associate’s degree, many employers want you to have a decent amount of experience. The more you know, and the more you can apply to a specific field of computer programming, the more you will make. For instance, you can work in a computer programming for the medical field; but the first step is knowing healthcare-related programs.

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10. Physical Therapist

Median Weekly Earnings: $1,300

Much like a physician or surgeon, becoming a physical therapist takes time. The job of a physical therapist is to aid people with injuries and musculoskeletal imbalances from things like scoliosis. The physical therapist assesses the patient then draws up a training program that is designed to manage pain, build strength, and improve the quality of life and mobility.

Because of the breadth of issues a physical therapist can work on, they are often found in private offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals. To become a physical therapist, you need a four-year degree, a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and a state license to practice.

How does your career compare? Maybe it is time to change your speciality. These jobs require a lot of education, but they pay off in the long run. So the men who are the boss with any one of these in-demand and rewarding careers.