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8 Reasons Millennials Will Never Become Workaholics

Catalina 6 months ago - in Career

Most employers consider millennials to be a lazy generation. While, millennials are definitely not workaholics, they are not as lazy as many think. They are often misunderstood. Gen Y employees just have a completely different attitude to work and life overall. Is is bad? I guess no, but still employers demand too much for small paychecks and then complain.

Of course, a small paycheck is not the only reason why Gen Y employees are not passionate about their jobs. Millennials grew up in the digital age, which is why they are looking for comfy positions, online jobs or any other easy ways to make money. Read on to find out why millennials will never become workaholics.

1. Millennials work to live, not live to work

The problem with millennials is that they want to earn tons of money, but do not want to do anything for it. They want to spend more time with their friends, partners, and kids. They want to travel around the world. They want to have more time for their hobbies. And, sometimes they want to work. However, when they really work, they do their work effectively, even if it is only for 3 hours.

2. They have trouble focusing on their tasks

Millennials have a tendency to multitask in all the fields – be they at work or at home. They make calls, text, answer emails and create new ideas on the go. Focusing on one task at a time is not for them. They do not have enough patience to work 8 hours. They love flexibility and believe multitasking makes our lives easier. Once they feel stuck in the office, they move forward until they land their dream job.

3. They crave high positions

Even most of the famous people survived miserable jobs and they worked hard to be where they are now. Millennials want everything at once. They are ambitious and life-long learners, but the majority of them crave only high positions as soon as they graduate. Instead of trying to get another degree or diploma, they choose short courses, hoping they will land their lucrative job tomorrow.

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4. They ignore all the rules

Sticking to a certain dress code in the office, never being late for work, avoiding gossiping and many other workplace rules are not for millennials. They look for companies that have no rules at all. Even though most workplace rules are outdated, we have to stick to them if we want to achieve success. Generation Y might work effectively, but ignoring all the rules sometimes leads them to a failure.

5. They cannot stand criticism

Millennials hate criticism so if their bosses are too demanding and nagging, they will easily wave goodbye to them. Gen Y employees never listen to their bosses complaints, if they think they are completely right and do their job perfectly.

6. They do not want a life-long career

This is actually a great thing. Spending your entire life working in order to pay the bills and buy the groceries is a waste of life. Millennials do understand it, so they easily leave their positions and look for another ones with no regrets.

7. They love to explore new things

That is why a boring desk job is not for them, no matter how high the salary is. Millennials focus on self-development and this is one of the best things we all should learn from them. Lots of people waste their lives on jobs that do not bring them happiness and oftentimes success. After all, experience is much precious than money.

8. They are addicted to technology

Let’s be honest, we all are addicted to technology in one or another way. Social media, texting, games, all those useful and silly apps, and YouTube make our lives funnier, but leave us less time for work.

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Millennials are not lazy, they just have their own ambitions. Luckily, they are less prone to workaholism and this is good for their health and overall lives. Do you believe millennials will never become workaholics? Or are they lazy indeed?