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4 Life-Saving Summer Tips for New Moms

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family

Summer is a great time of year! Kids are home from school. Families spend time on vacation. The weather is usually ideal. But, summer also brings risks, especially for newborn babies. As a new mom, it is important to know what the risks are and how to avoid them. Here are a few tips to help.

Know the potential risks

Heat stress, or heat exhaustion, dehydration, prickly heat, SIDS, heat stroke, and sunburn are some of the risks newborns may be exposed to in the summer. Heat stress can happen quite easily. Signs include excessive thirst, fever, nausea, clammy and cool skin, fainting, weakness, heavy sweating, muscle aches, dizziness, and slow heartbeat.

Signs of dehydration include irritability, sleepiness, thirst, eyes and soft spot on head appear sunken, decrease or absence of tears, and the most noticeable sign – a decreased number of wet diapers. Be sure to add extra feedings for your baby to stay hydrated properly during the hotter months.

Prickly heat is another issue a baby might be at risk for. Signs include small, red, itchy bumps on the skin, and burning, stinging or prickly sensation in the affected area. Keeping baby cool helps to avoid this problem. Giving baby a cool, not cold, bath can help.

Apparently, babies sleep very deeply in the heat, so there is a risk of SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Overheating has been linked to SIDS.

Heat stroke is different than heat exhaustion. Heat stroke is a result of untreated heat exhaustion. You will know it is heat stroke when you notice the following signs: dizziness, headache, nausea, rapid heart rate, vomiting, shortness of breath, fatigue, decreased urination, and hot and dry skin. Seek immediate help.

Unfortunately, if your baby is under 6 months old, it is not recommended to use sunscreen. Baby’s skin is thin, so keeping your baby out of the sun is the wisest thing to do until sunscreen can be applied after six months. I recommend finding an all-natural product rather than a sunscreen filled with chemicals.

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Watch for signs of your baby overheating

Heat rash, sweating, damp hair, rapid breathing, and flushed cheeks can be signs of overheating. So, what can you do to help baby cool down? Try the next couple of tips.

Pick the right clothing

A good rule of thumb is to dress baby similar to what you are wearing. If you are wearing shorts and a tank top, then the baby should be in something close to a comparison like a onesie. You will also want to have a baby in cotton clothing as well.

Keep sleep time cool

Either open a window or turn on a fan. You will want to have air flow circulating around the room to keep it cool. However, do not point the fan toward the baby or place the baby’s bed near the window. You do not want to have the breeze directly on the baby.

As a new mom, you need to learn the basic emergency lessons to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. By following these life-saving tips, you and your baby will enjoy a healthy and happy summer together.