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5 Vibrant Nightlife Spots in Singapore

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Travel&Life

Love to party? Singapore, despite its humble morning appearance and rather quiet atmosphere, has an answer for that. At night, this little country starts to beat a different drum, enlivening both locals and visitors alike with the electrical nightlife. Bars, pubs, nightclubs, and live entertainment are just the beginning to a wonderful night out in Singapore.

1. Clarke Quay and Boat Quay

When you ask a local, “Where can you go for some good drinks around here?” the chances that they will answer, “Boat or Clarke Quay” is absurdly high. These two locations are smack in the heart of the city and within walking distance from one another.

You get to see night lights and party animals at both. You can find a broad range of food and drink – Indian, Malaysian, Thai, British, Irish, American, and traditional kopi shops throughout these places. Some have pool tables, live broadcasts, and live music. The only difference is that Clarke Quay is generally more pricey than Boat Quay. Oh, and Clarke Quay also has “Zouk,” the ultimate club with several locations throughout Southeast Asia.

2. Sentosa Island

This place is all about the beach bars. Sip some cool cocktails late into the evening, watching the ocean shift from blue to orange. Once the sun has set, you have a choice of nightclubs, laidback pubs with all the customary bar food choices, or more intimate settings like upscale lounges to share an evening with a special someone. The swanky mainstays are Tanjong Beach Resort and the Casino Royale Bar. Since Sentosa Island is a resort location, expect prices to be a bit lofty (though nothing outlandish).

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3. Little India

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Home of Indian culture, food, and…microbreweries? You might be surprised that this location would be included. After all, not many consider Little India for the nightlife opportunities, but they do exist. Yes, Little India is where you go if you love a good beer and curry.

There are several microbreweries in the area that have well known, handcrafted beers. Keep an eye out for the famous Hospoda Microbrewery, especially if you would rather swap some naan for delightfully authentic Czech food. The other is Zsofi Tapas Bar, which has a famous buy one drink, get one tapas deal that is just too awesome to pass up.

4. Chinatown

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Undoubtedly, the most alternative place in Singapore. Taking the atmosphere of some well-known locations around China, like Shanghai and Hong Kong, you get this boisterous and perpetually energetic hub in Singapore. Expect the streets to be clustered with people speaking different languages as well as buzzing signs, hidden bars, and Buddhist temples.

There are both hole-in-the-wall locations offering cheap grub and drinks as well as slightly more sophisticated places for wine, whiskey, and beer connoisseurs. Get ready to pull up a chair and toast to the fun times in Singapore beneath paper lanterns and twinkling stars.

5. HarbourFront

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The name of an MTR station and actual location, HarbourFront is where you find the amazing shopping location Vivocity and one of the two entrances to Sentosa Island. Slightly quieter than the Quays but no less alive, HarbourFront boasts some epic dining opportunities while looking out at the ocean from a rooftop or bouncing around in the underground to music. Be sure to check out places like Barrio for Mexican-fusion, Harry’s (the establishment for oysters), and a variety of clubs.

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Singapore may seem like a laidback place during the day, but when the sun goes down, the people shed their business skin and let loose. Many bars and restaurants are open until the wee hours of the morning, so you never have to go searching far for entertainment. Get ready to grab a beer tower or knock back some martinis on the Bayfront, because Singapore nightlife is phenomenal.