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7 Qualities of a Perfect Lover

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

A sexual relationship is one of the most difficult types of human relationships. Millions of people read books and articles dedicated to the sexual development and successful relationships. Both women and men strive to become perfect sexual partners. But how can you become perfect if perfection is not attainable?

If it is impossible to become perfect, then you should do your best to become awfully good at sex. It does not mean you should master all the sexual techniques or boost your sexual energy. Just try to develop the qualities of an ideal lover and your partner will never leave you.

1. Emancipation

Today emancipation has become the key that can open many doors and help people succeed in many spheres of life. Sex is no exception. How can you become a wonderful sexual partner, if you cannot step out of your comfort zone or find it difficult to tell your partner about your sexual desires, dreams and preferences? If you want to reach a new level of intimacy in your relationship, you should realize that your shyness is a poison that has a detrimental effect on the quality of your sex.

2. Carefulness

No matter how you slice it, sex is a beautiful thing that can bring both unbounded sensual pleasure and serious problems. What you will get out of it, depends mostly on you. Every good sexual partner knows that health and contraception are the top priorities in a relationship.

Every time you are going to have sex, especially no-strings attached one, you should always take a sober look at the risks and remember that you and your partner can pay dearly for a situational pleasure. While it is hard to think when passion is running through your veins, learn to control your emotions effectively.

3. Responsibility

If your relationship gave birth to an unwanted pregnancy, trauma or disease, you should accept the fact and realize that both of you are equally responsible for this. Both of you should solve your problem. If there is any disease, do not refuse to undergo a medical examination together. You should always remember that reliable sexual partner is a perfect partner.

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4. Neatness

The sexy shape is not the only thing that automatically makes you a good lover. First of all, it is necessary to stick to simple rules of hygiene. If you neglect this basic rule, your sexual life will be unsuccessful, and your reputation will be broken.

Perfect sex partner does not use aphrodisiacal fragrances to cover up an unpleasant body odor. They are always fresh as if they have just taken a shower. They always get rid of unwanted body hair to enhance the comfort level and make intimacy unbelievably enjoyable.

5. Learnability and openness

Sex is a physical and emotional contact that requires certain skills. If you want to improve your intimacy, you should learn more and more about it. Try to make learnability and openness your priorities. Don’t think that everything is already known to everybody about sex. You should explore your partner’s interests, desires, preferences and talk about them once in a while.

6. Readiness to sacrifice

Selfishness and healthy sexual relationship are two absolutely incompatible things. A perfect sexual partner is almost always ready to make love and satisfy the needs of their significant other.

Sometimes it is critical to sacrifice something and curb your ego for the sake of your love. Do your best to take control of your emotions and try to look passionate. If you make a wry face, your partner will understand that you are doing them a favor and get offended.

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7. Creativity

Every second person in this world is extremely talented and creative. Unfortunately, many of them fear to express themselves, open up, make their wishes known, voice their ideas, generate new creative projects and make them come true. Creativity is as important as oxygen in any kind of relationship, and sex is no exception.

Perfect lovers always try to break out of a sex routine. They do it to keep their sex exciting and unforgettable. If you want to build a happy relationship, you should diversify your intimate life as well.

No matter in what direction you move or what you want to be, you should always keep in mind that perfection requires work, sacrifice and patience. I hope this article will help you achieve a desirable result in your relationship. What other qualities of a good lover do you know?