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5 Reasons Being Alone Is Not Pathetic

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle, Love

‘Being alone’ and ‘being lonely‘ are two absolutely different notions. Loneliness is a state of mind, when you feel hopeless, abandoned and limited. ‘Being alone’ means that you’ve decided to live a single life for a certain period of time. It’s absolutely normal and useful to take a break in your love life in order to reset and refresh your mind. I think that lonely and single people usually suffer from the habit of socializing all the time. Human being as a social creature turns towards society and cooperation with people. They’re afraid of facing the reality of this world alone.

Before you come to one or another decision, you should always remember that every situation has both advantages and disadvantages. You’d better try to think rationally instead of complicating your life with your negative and destructive thoughts. You’re not alone, because there’re many wonderful people around you. If your heart wants to be alone for one or two years, then forget about prejudices and social criticism. This period of time will be a perfect opportunity to value your life, hang out with friends and reduce stress. Don’t forget to improve your health and work on your body. You will achieve a new qualitative level of development in physical and mental growth. I hope this article will help you understand that being alone is not a bad thing.

1. Less stress

Relationships can be either perfect and long-lasting or painful and short-term. It’s been proved that painful relationships bring stress and weaken the immunity. Sometimes it’s very difficult to reach understanding and harmony in relationships between men and women, because their outlooks and nature don’t always correspond. It often leads to constant fights and numerous stressing situations.

Dramatic events and strained relationships can have a negative impact on your health. If you’re single now or have just broken up with your boyfriend, then stop blaming yourself and thinking that it’s the biggest mistake of your life. Give your body a chance to bounce back from stress. You should forget about everything and spend more time with people who make you happy. This joyous way of spending time will exert positive influence on your life. Many psychologists say that people should be careful with their desire to be alone, because it can quickly turn into a habit and later become a part of their casual lifestyle. If you’re very sensitive and take everything to heart, then enjoy the moment of a wonderful and problem-free life. You don’t have to swallow your pride and go against your nature anymore.

2. Improve your personal development

A single life is the perfect time to focus on your life, set new priorities, and become a wise and all-rounded person. No matter how you slice it, life in a relationship is not free, but often overloaded. You often lack time or energy to live a productive life. First of all, being alone allows you to improve your spiritual power and development, because both your heart and mind are free from unnecessary thoughts and resentment. You can open yourself to new possibilities and experiences. You have enough time to explore your inner world and connect with your higher self. Furthermore, try to concentrate on your physical and mental needs. Analyze your present life and you’ll be able to understand what you really want to have or reach. Look for a mentor or self-development training courses. At first it may seem pointless, but later you’ll reap the fruits. It will give you a chance to see the world in a different light.

3. Single life is easier

I still don’t know why, but many people have a habit of complicating their lives. Unfortunately, they cannot understand that simplicity is the choice of wise and ingenious people. When you’re alone, you don’t have to rack your brain and suffer from obsessive thoughts about your significant other. There’s no need to turn like a squirrel in a wheel, trying to make a special surprise for your loved one. You can live according to your daily schedule, enjoy the sunrise and watch the stars.

Every time I break up with a boyfriend, I return to my casual lifestyle and try to have a rest from drama and fights. I find it useless to suffer when everything is over. Life is the chain of different epochs and events, or so to say ‘ups and downs’. If you’re alone, accept it and learn a lesson from this experience. You’ll reconsider life and understand what is better for you. People who live a calm and measured life are more resistant to stress and they tend to live longer.

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4. You can feel absolute freedom

Don’t be afraid of starting a new relationship. You should do it when you feel that you’re sick and tired of being alone. Relationships are not a kind of imprisonment; its prosperity depends on many factors. The statistics show that many married people lack freedom and don’t have enough space for personal development. Restrictions can easily and quickly destabilize even strong and reserved people. Those who’re alone are free and happy people. They can manage their lives the way they like and do things they love.

Nowadays a joyous and carefree life has become the cherished dream of many people. But in reality, the grass is always greener on the other side of a hill. If we’re free and live alone, we dream to find our love. Those who’ve already reached this dream want everyone to leave them alone and enjoy the merits of single life. Freedom is the main priority for every person in the world.

5. Your life is in your hands

There’s nothing better than being the master of your life. When you’re alone, you can move in all directions, because nothing and no one can stop you and create insurmountable barriers. You’re free like a bird in the sky. Unfortunately, long-lasting relationships usually tie the hands of people. As a result, they lose valuable opportunities to start a new career or elicit their potential. Single people can move from town to town in the pursuit of happiness.

I’m sure that every lady yearns to change her appearances and experiment. They often cannot make up their minds to try something new due to their fear of being criticized by their boyfriends. They realize that those fears ruin their lives and identities, but can do nothing about that. Your life is your path and you’re the only smith of your happiness. You can change your life even if you’re already married, but it won’t be easy.

Whatever people say, being alone is extremely important for every person. It seems that when you are single, time runs slower than usual. You have more time to reflect on your life and get ready for changes. It’s easier to face mistakes when you’re alone. At least, no one will blame you for your failures all the time. I’m sure that being alone is not pathetic, but a good chance to open a new page in your life. Do you fear to be alone?