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8 Surprising Reasons You’re More Creative When You’re Tired

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Are you a creative person by nature? Do you sometimes think differently from other people? While it`s possible to master other spheres of your life and improve your knowledge about them by reading books or attending classes, creativity is something totally different. You can`t learn how to be a creative individual. You either belong to this type of humanity or not and that`s it. But are there any ways to boost your creativity? In fact there is one method that`ll probably make you surprised. It`s tiredness and here are some reasons why people become more creative when they`re tired…

1. You see more

When you`re tired, your brain also works in a more relaxed way. There`s a so-called filter in it that lets us think rationally and logically in a normal state. But when you are calm and relaxed, your brain turns off its filter function. It gives you a chance to think in some other way. You start looking at everything from different point of view and things that you habitually ignore become more vivid.

2. You stop caring about problems

You feel destroyed by those countless duties of yours and you don`t want to focus on any problems. Education, work, parents and relationships… Oh, come on! Not now, please. You just want to be alone for a while and here comes the inspiration! When you stop thinking about that terrible, annoying daily routine, you start creating because you have more personal space. First in your mind, and then in reality.

3. You start dreaming

When we`re full of energy, we act rather then think, and it`s actually normal. You get up in the morning, take a shower, have a breakfast and are ready to work, study or whatever you need. When you come back home late in the evening, you don`t want to do anything at all as you`re exhausted from daily activities. All you want is relaxation. Does it sometimes happen so that you seem to be totally exhausted but you still can`t fall asleep even late at night? What do you usually do in these situations? Yes, you start dreaming and those dreams take you away to the world of creativity.

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4. You have more energy

It sounds weird but don`t make hasty conclusions. I`m talking about the mental energy your fatigue brings you. There are two parts of the brain and while one of them rules your body in physical aspect, the other one is responsible for your mind and thinking. Therefore, when you feel tired and want to relax a bit, the first part doesn`t take your energy anymore thus the second one can use some more and its work becomes more productive. In a word, your brain stops feeding your body and starts giving more to your mind instead.

5. You have more time for creativity

As a rule, nowadays almost everyone is always bothered with lots of business as we need to earn money for living. Each and every day material things take a huge part of our time and effort. We most likely have a free minute to create only when we feel tired and can`t do anything to gain material wealth anymore. Then you become an artist and turn on a unique way of thinking.

6. You see the beauty that surrounds you

We often ignore amazing beauty that surrounds us wherever we go. We don`t notice the nature when we see it and, generally, we miss so many exciting things, as there`s always no time for that. It`s the result of that enormous amount of work and troubles we have every day. Being tired is all about start looking at the beauty of the world we`re living in. This esthetic perception lets us plunge deeply in our creative nature.

7. You hope, believe and rearrange

You have nothing else to do except thinking when you feel tired. You`re a creative individual so you rarely think about something well known. You think differently and it may be caused by rearranging your world view and hoping for the best. You believe that the world isn`t as serious as we used to treat it and you just have fun with it. It`s more difficult to do this when you feel energetic, because in this case you have no time to meditate.

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8. You think positively

When you feel no energy inside and stop doing anything, you also stop worrying about anything. Thinking positively about yourself and your life is everything you want. You don`t worry about any tasks to be done on time, you don`t hurry up – you just relax and dream. Creativity can be encouraged by both positive and negative emotions but when you think positively you believe in yourself and your powerful mind that invents, invents and invents again.

Fatigue is the key to productive creativity. It`s probably the only situation when exhaustion can be useful. This is the reason why most of the world best masterpieces are created at night time when artists aren`t ready to work but are ready to bring something completely new to this place. When you`ll have no energy to work, just try to relax and maybe you`ll meet a muse right that very moment. Are you more creative when you are tired?