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5 Reasons Heartbreak is a Blessing in Disguise

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

Have you ever experienced heartbreak in your life? The feeling of heartbreak seems to be one of the strongest negative feelings in the entire world. People can’t live happily when their hearts are still bleeding for the ones who’ve killed their pure love, feelings, dreams and trust.

Unfortunately, heartbreak makes many people get lost in oblivion and find different ways to relieve a terrific inner pain. Someone prefers to drown the grief in wine, while others become workaholics. I believe that these ways can only intensify the problem and ruin your life. Sometimes, it’s necessary to set emotions aside and develop the skill to think rationally. Try to understand that every medal has two sides. Imagine that heartbreak is a blessing from heaven above. God gives you a helping hand and tries to save you from marrying the wrong person. A calm and clear mind will help you bounce back and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know that it’s extremely difficult to launch out on something when you’re suffering from despair and plunged into a depression. If you change your attitude towards the problem, you’ll be able to move off the dead center and realize that your life is full of second chances. You should turn your immense grief into a source of motivation and inspiration. Hopefully, these pieces of advice will help you mend your broken heart in a quite short period of time.

1. Heartbreak is a perfect teacher

Life is long and complicated. Unfortunately, many life truths and pieces of wisdom aren’t taught in schools. People usually develop valuable skills and become wiser when they go through both positive and negative events in their lives. Heartbreak is a good teacher that helps you learn a lesson from your past failures and heartbreaks. I must confess that my last heartbreak opened my eyes to my mistakes and many other interesting things as well. It taught me value everything I had in my life. I’d realized that emotional pain was much stronger than a physical one, because there was no pill against mental anguish and emptiness. Frankly speaking, it was hard to interpret the signs given by that strict teacher. I learned that love was the main part of my life.

2. It helps you understand your inner nature

Self-understanding has always been one of the most challenging things in this life. Pure love, like a drug, exerts a big influence on human mind. It makes you absent-minded and blind to many little things. I think that lovers are often swinging in the clouds. As a result, they can’t find their inner self.

The moments of despair are the best time for deep reflections and self-analysis. At the end of your relationship you begin to analyze your actions, words and behaviors which led to a painful break-up. You should realize your shortcomings and try to forgive all people who made you suffer. This self-discovery stage will help you build a happy future relationship based on mutual understanding and respect.

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3. Heartbreak is a creativity booster

As a creative personality, I can state with assurance that heartbreak is a very productive thing. It’s been proved that musicians and artists inspired by love or touched by the heartbreak have more chances to create a great masterpiece. The feeling of despair makes human imagination work at its full capacity.

My friend is a talented blues musician. He says that he can’t imagine this world without drama and tragedy, because heartbreak is the main source of inspiration for him. The pain of a broken heart, a dark night and a glass of good wine increase his creativity level and help him express his hidden feelings and emotions through sad but romantic music.

4. You become strong in spirit

Like many other life troubles, heartbreak brings valuable experience and insight. Insight is a unique quality that gives you a chance to understand the meaning of life and take control of destructive emotions. By all means, try not to focus on your heartache and contentment. You’ll become mature and stronger when you learn to accept your life failures and cope with loss. Mature personalities know that many life things and people’s actions can’t be predicted or prevented. As usual, the first heartbreak steals your self-confidence and fill your heart with fears. People who have already faced heartbreak usually treat their next life failures optimistically.

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5. Heartbreak changes your outlook

I believe that heartbreak is the most effective motivator in the world. Psychologists say that heartbreaks often dent people’s ego and change their mindsets. My first break-up made me change my attitude towards many things. After long sleepless nights, I came to a conclusion that my life was given to me not for sufferings. I got a grip on myself and found new friends. New life priorities helped me reevaluate my outlook on love and move in the right direction regardless of everything.

Unfortunately, love is not a bed of roses. It can also breed heartache and sorrow. Do your best to take advantage of this self-doubt cycle. Heartbreak can also bring glory to creative personalities. If you’re not creative, than heartbreak may help you make a confident step into a new and happier life. Remember that even the darkest moment of your life can be a blessing in disguise. What lessons did you learn from your heartbreaks? Share your experiences!