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7 Great Reasons to Live Together Before Marriage

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

Most women tend to accelerate the moment of becoming a wife but that`s actually not a good idea. Many people worldwide believe that they shouldn’t live together before tying the knot. While living separately has many advantages, living together before marriage can help you make the right decision and avoid a number of problems down the road. Check out the most important reasons to live together before marriage.

1. You divide the chores

The dating period makes us think that the significant other is ideal and you don’t have any reason to distrust him, but the thing is that you both have shared only happiness and never encountered any problems. Those butterflies in your head create a fairytale illusion that so often disappears when you start living together. Dividing the chores is highly important in a relationship and living together can let you know if you`re able to cope with that serious task.

2. You get an indispensable experience

Whether you want to get married or not, living together is a useful experience that almost everyone needs to get in their life. Living alone is easier because no one disturbs you and no one tells you about your bad habits. When living together, you learn how to accept your partner’s habits and solve any relationship problems. You learn how to speak, fight and express your emotions correctly. Finally, you learn how to respect your partner and support him when he has a bad day.

3. Save money

When you live alone, you don’t notice that it’s expensive. Living together is much cheaper. If you spend almost every night together, don’t waste your money on keeping two houses. Save them for your wedding and honeymoon instead. If you or/and your partner have any debt, it will be easier and quicker to pay it off together.

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4. Show your parents cohabitation isn’t as terrible as they think

Nowadays society keeps judging couples that cohabitate before marriage. However, there are plenty of people that live together without tying the knot and don`t consider it a problem. Even though you may not care about the other peoples` opinion, your parents may think differently and they may try to give you as many advice as possible, no matter how independent you are. But when you start living together temporarily and then decide to cohabitate without a marriage license, your parents will eventually accept your decision and stop worrying about that.

5. You get to know him better

My friend dated a nice guy who had fantastic manners and who knew how to treat women. However, after the wedding day, he rapidly changed and became rude and bossy. It took her 2 years to divorce that “nice” guy and now she claims that living together is a must. No matter how long you’ve been together, you can`t know all of his bad traits. Living together is a great opportunity to get to know one another better and build a stronger relationship.

6. It`s a challenge

Sharing the same apartment is a challenge for the couple. Many people find out that they can`t stand living with their partner and then break up without going through the divorce process. At first you may be happy together, but in time those goodbye kisses in the morning and hello kisses when you get home can gradually become boring. True love never goes away, though, so if you really love each other and both of you are happy living together, then start planning your big day.

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7. It`s cool

Living together is much better than living alone. You can watch movies together, host a party whenever you want, cook and eat whatever you like, enjoy each other, come home late without worrying about what your parents would say. Spending time together isn’t a problem anymore. You will fall asleep and wake up with your soulmate. You know how precious these moments are.

Living together before marriage is a perfect chance to get involved in your partner`s passions and it actually brings you closer together. You shouldn`t change your life or his life, as it`s not a game. Thus don`t try to play with the feelings because the result can be rather painful. Instead, try to know your partner better and enjoy living together to make sure you really want that marriage. Are you thinking about moving in together?