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Are You Running Away from Your Problems?

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Just like stress, problems are inevitable. They are a part of your life. You can choose to either solve or avoid them. You might be afraid of your problems and feel like you`re not ready to face them. You might try to forget about all those difficulties. But you won’t avoid your problems until you solve them all. It happens to most of us, more often than we’d like. It’s not the end of the world though. Don’t expect others to solve your problems, instead do anything possible to cope with them to feel the best in the end. Here are 9 undeniable signs you are running away from your problems.

1. You steal the possibility to solve a problem

You are always busy and pretend to have no time to solve your problems. Every time it`s a nice chance to read the information you need, you leave your home and go somewhere just to avoid having an opportunity to do it. This way, you run away from your problems and are sure that no one will point it out because if they try to ask you, you`ll have an excuse and tell them you are very busy.

2. You focus on others more than on your own person

When you hear about someone else`s problems, you turn into a skillful personal psychologist who knows all the answers. You`re open to give numerous valuable advice and calm a person down if it`s needed. However, when it comes to your own life, you suddenly have nothing to say. You`re afraid to analyze yourself because you know that there`s something you don`t want to admit. It`s wrong. The first thing you should pay attention to is your own lifestyle and your own problems. Try to be a better version of yourself and people will listen to all of your reasonable remarks attentively then.

3. You don’t like to talk about it

When someone starts talking about the harmful results of smoking or about that terrible laziness most of us have, you quickly change the subject. You put those problems deep inside of you and hate when someone tries to move them up. You feel comfortable when ignoring them so any attempt to remind you of the issues ends at once thanks to your well-developed ability to make others forget about your problems, like you do it. However, the more you ignore a problem, the worse it becomes.

4. You drink or smoke when it hits you

When you encounter a serious problem like a breakup, it seems that the best way to fix it is to get drunk. Yes, you feel down now but you know that Dutch courage won’t make you brave in reality. The truth is that alcohol never helps people cope with problems. All it does is make everything worse only. Imagine that you`re dumped and drunk. Your “stinky” excuses won’t make your partner come back. You may also call your ex or have a one-night-sex with a stranger. Do you want it? Will it solve your problem? That`s right, turning to alcohol is another sign that you hide from your problems but don`t solve them.

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5. You have never even tried

Have you ever tried to fix your problems? If you can`t give up smoking and all you do is just say that you want it, you just avoid fixing this problem. You know you have it, you know how to deal with it and you have everything to do it so why not actually DO it? If you know how to do something and nothing prevents you from doing it but you still can`t start, it means that you just pretend you`re blind when the problem comes. You`re afraid of it and you just try to ignore it.

6. You pretend like it’s not a problem at all

If you say everyone that you feel okay without your ex-boyfriend but every night you think about him and dream to be a couple again, you do have a problem. That lie you say to friends and family can prevent you from fixing the problem so be careful to say the truth only. You can deceive others but don`t try to deceive yourself. If it wasn’t a problem, you wouldn`t think about it at all, agree? Then strive to get rid of the problem instead of pretending that everything is great.

7. You’re scared to have a true friendship

You always get acquainted with more and more new people. You feel sociable and you see no problems about talking to someone you don`t know yet. But no one becomes your real friend – the person who you spend lots of your free time with and the one you can share anything with. The reason is that a real friend will know about all your problems, your failures and flaws. This person will remind you about them and will try to help you solve them. You don`t want it to happen because you like to avoid even thinking about those problems.

8. You put them off for tomorrow

Stop saying that you`ll deal with your problems tomorrow. You know that this way you lie to yourself because you said the same yesterday too. Every day there`s tomorrow but it doesn`t solve your problems for you. Be more responsible and don`t put off for the next day what you can do today. Become the one who acts but not only says.

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9. You look for excuses, not solutions

I have no time… No one did it… I`m not good enough… All these are excuses and they never solve anything. They don`t help you, they just interfere with your true potential and don`t let you move on in life. Those words are your enemies that you should destroy as soon as possible. The one who wants something looks for the way out. The one who doesn`t want looks for excuses. If you have a problem and something always doesn`t let you solve it, you just don`t want to solve it. You don`t want to do anything with your problem. But no one will do it for you so better sit down and think about how you can get rid of an issue for at least a few minutes. You`ll be surprised at how close the solution is.

Your problems love you and they don`t want to break up with you. They want to stay close to you forever and they do anything to keep your successful relationship going but you can change it easily whenever you want. Don`t hide from things that make your life worse. You deserve to be happy so prove it. There`s no need to step back when the difficulty comes. Face your fears and be ready to overcome them like all successful people do. What problems are you running away from?