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Fake Joy: 8 Signs You’re Pretending to Love Being Single

Catalina 6 months ago - in Love

We all go through periods where we just pretend to love our single lives. We let loneliness dictate and ruin our lives without realizing it. You may say you love your single life and don’t need or want any man to be truly happy. Maybe I’m mistaken about my statements, but most single ladies just fake their joy and happiness. The worst thing is they continue pretending, while actually knowing the truth, and then end up feeling depressed, miserable and totally lost. If you believe you love your single life, these 8 signs will make you rethink your lifestyle. After all, you deserve to be loved, happy and have children.

1. You regard everyone as your potential soul mate

When you see a handsome guy, the first thing you do is imagine you two as a couple. You imagine your happy marriage life and think of how many kids you want to have with him. If it sounds familiar to you, it’s a sure sign you hate your single life. You want to love and be loved. People who don`t want it, don`t dream about it, right?

2. You go out alone

Women who don`t want to ask anyone out on a date but want to be asked instead, often dress to kill and go out each day. They just look for someone to notice them. If you do the same every other day, are you sure you want to be single?

3. Romantic movies inspire you to dream about your future relationship

When you watch romantic movies, you want those stories to take place in your own life. If you dream about your future relationship and family, you probably only pretend that you don`t want to love anyone. If you`d like Brad Pitt to flirt with you or you can`t breathe freely when you see Leonardo DiCaprio, think twice before saying that you don`t want any relationship.

4. You plan your best date

You are dreaming of having a super romantic date and you already know some unusual ideas for it. Why do you waste your time watching TV or working then? You`re either too scared to start a new relationship or you are just a lazy girl who’d rather spend her evening online chatting with BFF than go out on a date with her crush.

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5. You’re a passionate online dating app user

Not only do you have those online dating apps on your phone but you also use them each minute. You know what guys want to get out of such a communication but you`re still disappointed when you find it out again. All these things show that you need a partner.

6. You’re looking for men everywhere

Wherever you go, you are always trying to find a handsome guy to hang out with. If you are invited to a family reunion, you do it just because you`re a grateful daughter but not because you have a huge desire. However, when there`s a chance to meet new guys, you spend hours in front of the mirror and hurry as if your life depends on visiting this place.

7. You always look fabulous

Doing makeup and putting your best clothes on even when you go shopping to buy some bread is one of the signs you`re hoping to meet someone who`d fall in love with you. You try to look awesome because it lets you feel more confident – most women do it – but if you can’t go makeup free even at home, you secretly want to start a relationship.

8. You look for the flaws of relationship

Sometimes you don`t deny that you want to have a relationship but you remind yourself of all those disadvantages and problems couples face. You`ll have to depend on someone, you`ll have more duties, you`ll be under control of him and your budget won`t be only yours anymore. Regardless of it, you remember all the benefits of dating as well. Your sex life will be stable, your emotional state will be much better and there`ll be someone who’ll love you and care about you every single day.

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You want a relationship. Stop deceiving yourself. Don`t hide under the mask of a so-called “independent woman” with a dozen of cats at home. Every single woman needs and wants to have a reliable, responsible, strong, brave and inspiring man close to her. It`s our nature. Those girls who pretend that they don`t want to be a girlfriend or a wife often end up suffering from depression. So, ladies, are you ready to say goodbye to your single lives?