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5 Things to Love about Being Divorced

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle, Love

Divorce… Does it sound terrifying? Nope, ladies. Divorce is a really cool thing that lets you be the one you want to be again. There`s an extremely tough time you experience for about a week right after it happened but then you realize how lucky you`re without that heavy burden on your shoulders that calls himself a man. If you have kids, it’s much harder to divorce him. I’m divorced and I know how difficult it is. But I believe it’s better for children to have two absolutely happy parents who live two separate lives, then two miserable parents who live together. Enjoy exploring the things to love about being divorced.

1. You don’t need to ask for permission

Earlier, when I was married, it seemed like I had no right to do something without asking my ex-husband for permission. Everything I wanted to buy, from food to pencils, or to do, like spending an hour with my best friend, I had to discuss with him at first and only when he was in a good mood, I was allowed to do that. In his opinion, every action of mine had to be approved with him. Actually, those financial questions were one of the most annoying part of our marriage. But now, I`m free from asking someone for permission when I want to do something. If you couldn’t enjoy life and do whatever you want because of your husband, now enjoy your freedom to the fullest.

2. You have more time to build a better relationship

Married couples who have kids and have already lived together for several years often face one serious obstacle on their way. I`m talking about a feeling that you don`t know why you love your soul mate. You just continue keeping your family going but your love is flying away from your home.

When you are stuck in an unhappy marriage, you practically have no time to make your relationship better. You are always busy with kids, job and other routine stuff. When I divorced my husband, I got so much time to build a successful fresh relationship and to avoid dropping the same ball again. We have a so-called “Free-day Friday” with my new significant other when we drive children to their grandparents and have a great time together. We just enjoy each other, engage in a small talk, walk, play, go out, meet our friends, watch movies, etc. No matter what we do, we do it together and it boosts interest and passion between us.

3. You finally start acting the way you are

I enjoy being divorced because I can finally be true myself. I don`t need to dress, do make up, speak to people I don’t love and live life the way someone wants only anymore. I`m who I am indeed now and, frankly speaking, I really love it. I found so many new exciting things about myself and so many strength inside myself that I can`t figure out how I could miss all those amazing details earlier. My ex tried to turn me into a silent, obedient housewife who`d listen to everything he says and execute all his orders. But, thanks God, one day I refused and I don`t regret about it. I`m able to do whatever I`m dying for, whenever I want it and it reveals my talent, genuine potential and shows me that there`s a lot of space to move on in life.

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4. You feel your children’s love

Since I divorced, my kids go to their father every weekend. I spend quite enough time with them but when they go, I miss them like they fly over the ocean. The same goes to them. It seems that they start loving me even more. Perhaps, they didn`t enjoy our divorce but from that time, they became adults indeed. They know what`s valuable and what`s not in life and can make their decisions all alone. Sometimes one of them comes up to me and asks to sit nearby when I work. It`s so sweet that I can hardly hold my tears back then.

5. You happiness is your business

After my divorce, I realized that I deserve to be happy and I can be happy without him. When we`re in a relationship, we expect our partner to make us more confident, successful, easygoing and happier in life. However, your state of mind is only your business. You can`t require someone to make you happy because this feeling takes place in your own head only and nowhere else. If you`re happy, it doesn`t mean that people who keep in touch with you become happy as well, right? That`s why if you`re unhappy, it doesn`t mean that your man is guilty for that. Happiness is like sex – you may hear a lot about it and someone can even help you come closer to it, but no one can do that instead of you. See, everything from soup to nuts is in your own hands so if you`re unhappy with this guy and without him too, why do you think that there`s someone who can make you happy at all instead of you, of course?

If you feel like he`s not the one you need in life, dare to divorce and finally become a woman you`ve always wanted to be. Of course, I`m not saying that divorce is something positive but when you realize that it`s time to make a serious change, it`s better to act as soon as possible. Live your life the way you want and avoid all useless control from aside. A real man would rather make you more independent but not vise versa. Think twice before making such an important decision and don`t hesitate to make the first step on the way to better life! What other positive changes a woman encounters after a divorce?