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8 Reasons Getting Dumped Is Actually Amazing

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

Almost all girls have been dumped at least once in a lifetime. It`s never funny and often leads to a long-term depression. However, the law of life dictates that even the most terrible trouble always brings us something good. The thing is that we need to learn how to see the balance and harmony in absolutely everything in life. Even though you feel down, there are always some positive things you get when you`re dumped. I`m serious, you may be surprised at a number of advantages of being single again. Here’s why you should be happy that you were dumped.

1. No more annoying habits

All people have some annoying habits and he has them too. You surely disliked something about that person so now you don`t need to cope with that anymore. His champing will not disturb you again and you`ll not have to pick up dirty socks all over the house. Focus on the positive side instead of blaming yourself. He probably also hated some of your habits but now you don`t have to take that into consideration.

2. Life is easier

Life becomes so much easier when you`re single. You get rid of so many duties and don`t have to avoid doing things that could hurt his feelings. The absence of relationships also makes you free from worrying about how to improve yourself. Being in a relationship means have a lot of responsibilities. But now you can breath freely and move on in life.

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3. Freedom

Freedom is one of the best things about the breakup. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want it. You`ll not depend on anyone anymore. If you want to spend the whole night watching movies with your girlfriends or party all night long and come home early in the morning, you can do that without his grumbling. You`re independent – there are no more rules in your life, except yours, of course.

4. New possibilities

There are lots of other guys you can fall in love with when you`ll be ready for the next step and I can bet you will. You have a chance to find a true love again. Just be patient and you`ll see that everything is not so bad. Many married women would like to go through the rose and candy stage again but they have extremely poor chances while you can go ahead to do that.

5. You can have a pet now

Most men don’t enjoy owning pets so we oftentimes have to give in. Now that you were dumped, you can allow yourself to have as many cats, dogs or any other cute little creatures as you wish. If you`re not crazy about pets there still was something you wanted but couldn`t do because of his disagreement. So now you can. Go get what you’ve always wanted and it`ll help you to fight depression.

6. You can be happier

Realize that he didn`t really make you happy. Otherwise you wouldn`t break up. The truth is that when a woman is happy with her man, she`s able to make him happy too and what`s more, she does that automatically. Additionally, since you`re dumped it means you can be much happier with another guy. Those men that dump us simply haven`t the strength to cope with us and are never able to improve our life. You need to realize that you now have everything to be happy.

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7. It`ll not happen again

The breakup is the worst thing that could happen in your life and it has already happened so you don`t need this person in your life. Don’t try to get him back again and save your relationship. If he did it now, he can do it again down the road. Respect yourself and if someone hurts you, don`t let them do it again.

8. You have more me time

You might have not enough time for yourself earlier. You were busy to take care of him most of the time. Lack of me time could even have been the reason why you were dumped and if it`s so indeed, that means you used to be in a wrong relationship. Realize it and never make this mistake again. Remember that if you`re not able to create your own happiness with your partner, he`s not the one you need. Now you have more personal space to take care of your beauty, your health and your own happiness.

Getting dumped is not the end of the world. The art of building a successful relationship is hard to master. Think positively and find the advantages of every failed relationship. You can still find your true love. We never know what life prepares for us. You should meet any change with dignity and remember that time is the best cure. Have you ever been dumped? What other positive sides you see about getting dumped?