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10 Friends Everyone Should Have in Life

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Life can be happy and cheerful but when we face difficulties and troubles we may need help and support. It`s highly important to have someone you can share both good and bad times with. Although our parents and even our partners are the closest people to us, there are things that only a friend can accept and understand. Nowadays it’s hard to find a true friend so if you have at least one of these kinds of friends, you are in luck. They are really worth fighting for.

1. Friends who don’t care about the distance

Life is unpredictable in all aspects, therefore you and your friend may suddenly start living in different parts of the world. But that doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to your friend and forget about them. If your friendship is true, the distance is not a big problem. Even if it is, could you imagine your life without chatting with your best friend?

2. Friends who can keep secrets

Friends that can`t keep your secrets are not true friends. If you`ve ever trusted the wrong person and they told everyone about your secret, you definitely need to make conclusions. Tell your friend a fake secret and see if it will remain a secret forever. This is an easy way to discover if this friend is worth fighting for.

3. Friends who stay calm when you`re mad

You may be in a terrible mood and may unwillingly try to spoil your friend`s mood too. Whatever you feel and act, your friend should always be tolerant towards your feelings and actions. Even though you can go crazy and start snapping at them, they`ll always stay calm and try to cheer you up. You, in turn, should stay calm when your friend gets mad – it’s called a true friendship, ladies.

4. Honest friends

Sweet lie is always more pleasant than a cruel truth, but better not to follow this illusion. Your friend should be courageous enough to tell you even the worst truth. Telling white lies is selfish as the one that does so just wants to bring only good news even when they have to lie. Listen to those who don`t smooth their words to make you happy. You`ll never become better if no one points out your faults and mistakes. Constructive criticism is extremely important in a real friendship.

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5. Friends who stimulate your personal growth

Friends who prevent your from developing yourself are actually toxic friends. They are just afraid to be less successful than you are. They only use you to boost their selfishness. If you have such a friend, it’s time to cut that person out of your life. A real friend will always encourage and help you to reach your goals no matter what.

6. Friends who accept you the way you are

People can change throughout their life and if you have someone close to you today it doesn`t mean you`ll have this person in your life in 10 years. Your habits, world-view and preferences are changing all the time and only those who accept you the way you are every now and then are your friends indeed. They understand you, your choice and your goals. Of course if you don`t go too far. You should also accept your friends the way the are, otherwise they may not consider you as a friend anymore.

7. Friends who are ready to help you

When you have a problem and ask your friends for help, what most of them do? They give you countless advice and show their empathy, but they do nothing to help you. They aren`t your friends because a true friend talks less, and do more. They`ll be close to you in tough periods and they`ll try to help you to overcome even the roughest times. Giving advice is easy but friendship means to share both grief and happiness.

8. Friends who believe in you

As I`ve already mentioned, we can encounter problems that make us feel miserable thus we need support when it happens. You should have someone in your life to get an inspiration from and a real friend is right that person. The friend worth fighting for is who believes in you and your strength to overcome any difficulty you meet. If you have such a friend, appreciate them.

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9. Friends who can find a compromise

Compromise is a crucial part of any relationship. People are different and there may be lots of disagreements between you two. A true friend always tries to find some compromise and they never avoid conversations. Regardless of the situation, true friends always understand each other and try to fix the problem together.

10. Friends who always have time for you

A true friend always has time for you. You know how to entertain each other and have fun together. You know what to say when something’s wrong. Online communication means nothing, so don`t waste your time on those who never have time to meet you. Sure, there are times where your friend may be really busy, but if it happens too often, do you need such a friend in your life?

These kinds of friends can really make your life better. You`ll surely have some troubles even with the best friend but you will fix them in a jiffy. Life is never easy and it always challenges us. But since your friendship isn`t fake, you both can make each other’s lives brighter and happier. Support each other and never betray your friends if they’re really worth fighting for. How many true friends do you think it`s possible to have?