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6 Ways Your Friends Sabotage Your Dreams

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Friends make our lives easier and happier yet they can stop us from reaching our goals and making our dreams come true. They might do it unintentionally or they simply want to be better than you. If you feel as though one of your friends is trying to make your life miserable, it’s crucial to find out who wants you to give up your dreams. Once you know, limit the usual communication or end your friendship for good. It’s not a selfish decision. You live your life once so don’t let anyone prevent you from being successful, independent and happy. Here’s how your friends may sabotage your dreams.

1. Failure stories

Failure stories can either inspire you to become successful or make you give up on your dream. Every time I set a new goal, my cousin tells me that I won’t be able to achieve it and I end up coping with failure. I’m not afraid to fail and all those failure stories make me stronger. If you want to find your dream job and your friend tells you won’t find it, ignore them. Yes, you may end up jobless and broke at first, but if you don’t give up you will certainly become rich and successful.

2. Manipulations

When you continue to follow your dreams regardless of your friend’s failure stories and advice, they may try to manipulate you. They may stop calling you and meeting you. They may tell you something like, “You don’t respect me, don’t need my advice, so why do you still want to speak to me?” Stay calm and don’t take their words close to heart. Just because they don’t follow their dreams doesn’t mean you should give up your own.

3. Negative feedback

If all of your friends are positive and support you regardless of what your goals and dreams are, appreciate them, because there are so many negative friends that we don’t need in life. Negative friends will do anything possible to stop you from reaching your goals and making your dreams come true. They might tell you that your dreams are ridiculous and give you negative feedback every time you see them. Negative friends are known for their fantastic demotivating and demoralizing skills, so do you really need such people in your life? First, don’t take their negative feedback close to heart. Second, stay away from them, instead, spend more time with positive friends who believe in you and your dreams.

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4. Unexpected obstacles

Your friend promised to print out your project or CV, or give you her car so that you could get to an important business meeting or an interview on time, but now you call her and she tells you she is busy or simply forgot about her promise. It’s hard to overcome such an unexpected obstacle, so it’s crucial to have a back-up plan.

5. Incorrect tips

Your friends may sabotage your dreams by giving you incorrect advice or information. Before following anyone’s tips, check the information and make sure you can believe your friend. If you’ve noticed that your friend stands in your way, try to talk to them and ask them not to interfere. You need a good mentor, not a wrong advisor.

6. Make fun of your dreams

If your friend makes you doubt your abilities and make fun of your dreams, it’s not a true friend. Don’t respond to mocking and stay assertive. When someone mocks what you do and how you do it, don’t stop doing what you want to do. Many people give up their dreams because of mocking and negative friends, but I believe you are strong and smart enough to avoid negativity and make all of your dreams come true.

There are many people who may sabotage your dreams. While others may show they don’t like your aspirations, your friends may do it secretly. I’m definitely not telling you to end all friendships but stay alert and don’t allow anyone to stop you from achieving your life goals. Jealousy is a powerful thing that can turn the best friend into the worst enemy. Follow your heart and you won’t regret it down the road. Is one of your friends trying to sabotage your dreams?