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8 Things to Love about Being in Your Late 20s

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

When you realize that you`re not a student anymore and adult life is already waiting for you, perhaps you’re not happy about it. Your friends seem to be indifferent about you because everyone has their own life and you meet them less and less. You notice that you are not as energetic as you used to be a few years ago. You want to relax more and to act less. However, you understand that time flies and you`d better learn to enjoy every moment but, turns out, it`s hard to do. Even though your life may seem to be a dead end when you`re 21, look at the list of things to love about being in your late 20s and realize that life goes on and every moment is amazingly valuable.

1. You enjoy every weekend

I don`t miss my weekends like I used to do that when I was younger. I know that I`ll have a working week in a few days and there`ll be no chance to meet someone or to go somewhere. It makes me get the most out of every weekend so I do as much as possible and try to enjoy every moment. I don`t get into the habit of watching TV or sleeping all days long anymore because free time becomes a real treasure when you grow up.

2. You appreciate your friends

Those times when you used to hang out with friends every day were great, of course. But you can be sure that those meetings weren`t as awesome and relaxing as in your past 20s. You and your best friend knew practically everything about each other and sometimes it was boring to chat, but now you have less chances to meet those people and every time you see them you have a lot to tell. It makes your communication more interesting. Besides, now you can choose a preferable place to spend time together. It may not be your parents` home but a luxury restaurant, your own home or your friend`s one, or any other place you`ll be happy to be at with your friends.

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3. The changes in your wardrobe

When I entered my late 20s the thing I`ve noticed and I`m still proud of is those changes I have made in my wardrobe. There were only cheap, tasteless clothes earlier but now I can say that each piece in it is fashionable and expensive. I don`t meet people wearing the same dress like I have at parties because I invest money only into expensive and unique clothes. I remember times when parents used to buy clothes for me and frankly speaking I’m happy that it doesn`t last anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to my parents for their care and money, but I have absolutely different tastes. Having everything you want in your closet really makes a woman feel confident and happy.

4. You’re proud of your successful career path

When you start working, it may be difficult at first. Your tasks seem to be endless and you think you`ll never complete all the work thoroughly. However, the more work you have, the more responsibilities you gain and the more responsible you become. You`ll soon master all necessary skills and will get a promotion thanks to that enormously huge amount of work you may be annoyed with now.

5. You enjoy weddings

Most people think that invitations to weddings point out the time when you become old. It seems to be high time to do boring activities only and to settle down in one place. I used to think so too but now I admit that I was wrong. First of all, weddings are fun. Furthermore, the amount of weddings you visit doesn`t define your age, your state of mind and soul. You may be adventurous, initiative and interested in life even in your 50s, if you want it. Everything depends on you but not on your age.

6. You do what you want

Now that I`m in my late 20s, I`m really independent. I just do what I want and don`t do what I don`t want. The more experience you get, the less things you do because wisdom is all about avoiding useless actions that take your time but give you nothing in return. I don`t go out just because I don`t want to miss some events my friends attend. It gives me time to think and to decide what places are worth visiting for real. This way, I do less but gain more. I grow up and I like it!

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7. You start caring about yourself more

The elder you become, the more you start caring about yourself, your beauty and health. I often think that the way I take care about my body now would have been a perfect addition to my lifestyle years ago. In your past 20s you start noticing undesirable changes of your body but it`ll force you to take care of it more than ever so you`ll feel better then.

8. Your apartment turns into a really cozy place you love

I do realize the difference between the apartment I had when I graduated from university and the one I have now. It became a really cozy place I love. I feel great in my house and I`m glad to invite guests frequently. I created a charming atmosphere at home that makes me happy to come back from work every evening and inspires me every morning. You`ll also make numerous positive changes in the place you live and it`ll help you become more successful in life.

When you enter your twenties, you think you know everything and the life has already gone. It`s actually far from truth because there are lots of life changes you`ll encounter in future that`ll make you more confident, responsible and successful person. You`ll get highly important life experience that`ll let you become stronger and wiser. The longer we live, the longer we want to live because each day brings us something beautiful and it supports the desire to see what will happen next. What dreams do you plan to make come true in your late 20s?