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6 Things You Should Know about a Long Distance Relationship

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

Did you ever experience a long distance relationship? If you didn`t and you think you`ll cope with it easily, don`t make hasty conclusions. This kind of relationship may turn to be more difficult than you think. Going well with a guy isn`t easy in general, especially if you can`t see each other for a long time. I was in a long distance relationship twice so I know exactly how difficult and unsuccessful such a relationship can be. If you want to find out whether you`re ready to love someone who are miles from you, here are the things you should know about a long-distance relationship.

1. You’ll need to fulfill free time

When you`re in a long distance relationship, there`s no free time in your life. Whenever you have a free minute, you start thinking about him and feel completely distracted about it. That`s why you`ll need to get into the habit of doing something creative when there`s nothing else to do. It can be working out, drawing, sewing, reading, writing a blog, photographing and actually doing anything that`ll help you stop suffering from all the downsides of your relationship. It`s great and terrible at the same time. But lets be more optimistic and say that this thing is a positive side of a long distance relationship because it helps your self-development.

2. Prepare for endless sufferings

It may seem that being far from your beloved is hard at first but it`s wrong. In fact, it`s always extremely hard. Of course, you gradually get used to it and sometimes you have happy days when you can have fun with others and enjoy life. But there are days when you hate everything and everyone around you. Realizing that it`s impossible to touch, smell or kiss the person you love is a feeling you should prepare for if you`re going to be in a long distance relationship.

3. You’ll learn to trust each other

You`re not bothered by hundreds of obligations your partner demands because you don`t meet each other, you don`t wait anything from each other and both of you always spend your time however you want. There`ll be the moment when you suddenly feel there`s no jealousy between you two despite the fact that you can`t take control over his life, actions and surrounding. You just believe each other because a true love is all about it and it`ll make you feel sure about your significant other. This is definitely the thing to love about being in a long distance relationship.

4. You’ll struggle till the end

Make sure that you`re ready to refuse from flirting with other guys and you`ll do anything to go through this tough time together with him only. Of course, you can`t know that for sure until you try, but now just listen to your heart and turn off your mind. If you feel this guy is the one, get ready to suffer and prepare to be misunderstood by people around you. You`ll need to overcome this difficult life road till the very end and only then you`ll get a deserved reward you’ve waited for so long.

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5. You’ll need to answer crucial questions

Every now and then you’ll encounter a question about what will be next, what you both expect from this relationship and how you can shorten the distance between you two. All these things will obviously be troubling you and your guy. You`ll look for some money and time to meet each other as often as possible and it`s difficult as well. While you can fix these problems together, you`ll also need to answer your mom and dad about what you`re waiting for and why you’re still not married when there are so many beautiful men around. Wish you be patient!

6. Your friends won’t provide you with enough support

Your friends will try to support you. Either way, they`ll pretend that they understand you but you know it`s not true. They can`t know your feelings and it`ll make you feel lonely at times. Some people can ask really silly questions like “Is there any boyfriend of yours at all?” or “How can you avoid physical contact with your man?” These annoying words can really make you go crazy so it`s better to pretend you don`t hear them.

As you can see, a long distance relationship isn`t for everyone. You should be brave, strong and responsible if you`re seriously ready to deal with it. Prepare for sleepless nights and lots of tears spilled out on your pillow. However, this thing lets you check the true quality of your relationship and how faithful you are towards each other. If it`s a true love, it`ll become stronger but if it`s not, it`ll become a useful life experience. Anyway, there`s some positivity in a long distance relationship. Are you ready for this difficult type of relationship?