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8 Things a Mother Hates in Her Everyday Life

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family

Being a good mother, a lovely wife and a grateful daughter… there are so many things a woman has to do each day. I love it and hate it at the same time. I have forgotten when was the last time I got enough sleep and I do not even hope to enjoy this pleasure again in my life. I love my husband and children so much that sometimes I can’t realize how I manage to work non-stop successfully and keep my family going well.

Having as many daily chores as I have is a great idea if you are fed up with free time and life energy but I’m not so why I encounter these things again and again in my everyday life? I’m sure I’m not alone. Here are the most common things almost every mother hates in her everyday life.

1. I want everyone to sleep longer

Sometimes there are sunny, beautiful and inspiring mornings when you wake up full of energy and desire to change the world and take the most out of life. But only if you’re not a mother of three children. My two sons and daughter drive me crazy from the very morning till the deep night so I have a few hours to sleep only.

But the next day comes and everything starts from the beginning. Every morning I feel tired and don’t feel like working or doing anything else. However, whether I want it or not, I do what I have to but sometimes I don`t want to get them out of bed in the morning. I want them to sleep longer.

2. What’s going on?

Every morning I do everything automatically when cooking, dressing children up and preparing them for school. With half-opened eyes I see them fighting with each other instead of brushing their teeth and then my bloodcurdling yell turns on even my own brain. What’s going on in my head? This information isn`t for weak people.

I try to remember what day it is today, what breakfast to cook, what I forgot about, who are all these people and why I can`t just sleep now. This feeling is unbelievable so if you’re one of those who want to try everything in life, try to become a mother of three and then we`ll share our impressions with each other.

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3. Oh, I’ve finally woken up

I`ve already driven children to school and tried to encourage them to learn better. I’ve seen my husband of work, made our bed, fed the dog and applied my makeup. Two hours later I feel that I’m waking up but where am I? Oh, I’m at work. That’s it! Ok, lets work. It’s already time to go home but there are lots of tasks to accomplish. Oh, I’ll cope with it tomorrow and now my task is to pick up them from school.

4. Why are they so disobedient?

I feel some energy but I forget about it as soon as I take my children home. Even though I should be the most patient woman in the world, they really drive me crazy from time to time. My little daughter wants to pee and I should help, my sons fight with each other other over a toy and they all want to eat. Can I cook something delicious? I`d better run to a forest and hide among huge dark bushes with angry bears than looking after my children every day.

5. What’s for dinner today?

I hate when someone asks me this question. I don`t know. Yesterday we had fried potatoes but today I’m going to cook something extraordinary, delicious and healthy. But what? You don’t want a healthy meal for dinner? My husband wants something exotic, but I read some recipes online and understand that there are so many ingredients I haven`t even heard of. Where can I find them? It`s already time for dinner so make some pasta today. Only today!

6. What did you do the whole day?

When my husband comes back home, I expect him to help me a bit. What I hear from him instead is why there’s a pile of dirty dishes, the floor is dusty and our children can’t do their homework. I want to say a lot but I’m an experienced wife so I just take a deep breath and try to explain that he’ll relax while I have to do laundry, play with children, clean the house and stay a lovely, tender woman this night. He understands me and offers to help. I know he loves me and these three kids. Support is an irreplaceable part of a successful relationship and we both know it well.

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7. Let’s have fun today

Once my hubby’s best friend calls, he forgets about everything he promised me to do. He asks me if I want to have fun today and forget about all those chores. Of course, I want to have fun but I also want to raise intelligent children, live in a clean house and put on fresh underwear tomorrow so I refuse. Being a mother is all about forgetting how it`s when you enjoy a careless life and are able to have fun with friends. However, I`m sure it`s worth it.

8. Not now, please

When I go to bed it seems like I`m a soldier tired after a long battle. I enjoy the quiet around me and all my body vibrates because of that terrible tension I encounter every day. Suddenly he decides to turn me on. Oh, not now, please! I`m extremely exhausted and, frankly speaking, I don’t even want to think about it. The only thing that makes me wet now is a healthy sleep and I`ll get it. At least I think so until this tiny bundle of joy starts crying and I go to calm her down.

If you`re a mother, you probably understand me. Otherwise, you can only imagine how wonderful it is. However it`s what I live for and I can bet I would have felt worse without my precious family. There are really happy and unforgettable moments in a mother`s life.

They let you move on and provide you with needed courage and strength to overcome all the difficulties on your woman`s path. Love yourself and love the others, we are girls but also mothers! What is the most difficult thing in your parenting?