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6 Ways to Feel Happy and Peaceful Every Morning

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Morning is the perfect time when the sun rises and the world gets ready for a new day. Many people, especially owls, don’t like this part of the day. I’m not an early riser, but I adore mornings because I can feel more peaceful during these hours. It seems to me that a morning sun fills my body with energy and makes me believe in my own abilities.

In fact, everything depends on your mindset. Your mind creates thoughts, which turn into words or actions and a bit later become either good or bad habits. Every morning tell yourself that life is a wonderful thing and you’re strong enough to bridge over the difficulties.

Studies show that morning is the most productive period of a day. After sleep the creative activity of human brain is very high due to the active work of its analytical parts. As a creative personality, I can state that spontaneous morning creativity peaks help me get wonderful thoughts and ideas.

Moreover, my friend says that morning is also good for passion. She thinks that morning intimacy is the pledge of a wonderful day for every woman. At first, I wondered why, but when I googled the information about it, I understood that the level of oxytocin right after waking is incredibly high. This unique hormone increases sexuality.

Have you ever paid attention to your morning feelings? I’ve noticed that early in the morning I become extremely perceptive and susceptible to everything happening around me. I can hear a lot of background sounds and it seems to me that my focus broadens. I can easily connect with my subconscious mind and find new ideas and ways to handle difficult situations. Read on and try to understand that your morning thoughts and activities can exert a big influence on your day. These tips can simplify and improve the quality of your life.

1. Open your eyes and feel the lightness

Human life is a chain of events, connections and agreements. Very often the burden and the liabilities of yesterday make the next day hard and stressful as well. I know that it’s very difficult to break the continuity of obsessive thoughts about unfinished affairs and unresolved situations. If you continue thinking about the challenges of the coming day, you’ll become chronically anxious and unlucky person. When you open your eyes, you should realize that you’re strong, independent and free. No one and nothing can shatter peace and quiet of your inner world. Relax every muscle of your body and imagine that everything is absolutely fine. You’re full of energy to cope with all surprises of a new day. I’m sure that this kind of mediation will help you collect your thoughts in a quite short period of time.

2. Forget about night dreams

Two things that can quickly spoil your mood are a piece of morning TV news and negative memories about a terrible nightmare. Everything in life has both advantages and disadvantages. Even night dreams can either help or damage your mental well-being. Good dreams often leave positive impression on you in the morning. Nightmares usually steal your smile and good mood.

If you’re very sensitive, you should know that interpreting dreams, especially nightmares, is not your pair of shoes. By all means, try to suppress the thought that reminds you about your terrible nightmare. If you don’t follow this advise, the rest of your day will be filled with negative emotions and dark colors. Try to realize that you have only the present moment. There’s no need to analyze your night dreams, because those who don’t have special skills in interpreting dreams can do it incorrectly. As s result, constant obsessive thoughts in their minds will give rise to anxiety. You’d better think about something pleasant and find ways to make your dreams come true.

3. Add more colors to your life

It doesn’t mean that only trips to various exotic places can add more colors to your life. There’re many other wonderful things that can make your mood better. Do you believe that bright colors can have a unique effect on your mind? I do believe, because bright colors usually lift my spirit. My brain has a positive reaction to bright green and spring green colors. Not long ago, I decided to paint the walls of my bedroom with these colors. Every morning I open my eyes and enjoy the beauty and magic of green walls. I imagine myself lying in the grass and feeling fresh energy and regeneration inside my body. These healing vibrations help me spend the day in good spirits. You should also remember that color therapy is a good treatment for sleep and mood disorders.

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4. Wish a good day to dearest and nearest

Wishing a good day is the best way to inspire and motivate your friends or family members. Let them know that you love and support them. Your care and good mood will help them have a marvelous and joyous day. You should always try to be an inspiring leader in your community.

It sometimes happens that you lack motivation to be active and don’t know how to boost the morale of dearest and nearest. It’s not a problem at all. Get up and watch or listen to some inspiring videos, TV shows or songs. I’m sure that every person in the world has at least one song that helps them remain positive and motivated even during the challenging times.

5. Morning smile

One of the best ways to start a day is to smile from ear to ear. There’s no need to search for a reason. If you cannot do it, then try to find a reason or just do something funny to boost your mood. People who have pets can quickly find this reason, because their four-legged brothers often behave in a ridiculous way. If you forget to start you morning with a smile, then post a reminder somewhere in front of your bed. As soon as you make it a habit, you’ll be able to fill your days with contentment and positivity.

6. Morning exercise

Like many other people, I’m a bit lazy and allergic to mornings. Earlier exercising in the morning was a great challenge for me. But now, I decided to do my morning exercises on a regular basis. This morning activity is an extremely useful thing that sets the tone for the rest of my day. Try to walk or run in the morning to have less stress and more energy during the day. If you want to make your workouts more interesting, then turn your favorite music on and ask your dearest and nearest to join you.

Hopefully, these small pieces of advice will come in handy. You’ll never get up on the wrong side of bed if you stick to these rules. You’ll have a chance to be active in the morning and remain productive till the evening. Every morning you should remind yourself that you’re a smart, happy and successful person. What morning activities or rituals do make the rest of your day successful? We’d like to know your point of view!