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Small City vs. Big City: Reasons to Live in a Small City

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Many people strive to live in a big city these days, but there are many amazing benefits of living in a small city. Small cities are not as interesting and beautiful as big ones, but they still have something special to offer. Every time I think it’s better to live in a big city, I remember the famous line, “It’s fine everywhere except where we happen to be.” I live in a small city and I’m grateful for it. I have an opportunity to move to a big city, but I don’t want to do it because I feel that no one is waiting for me there. Here, in my native town, I have a family, friends, animals and many favorite places, which help me go through the rough times. Being a travel junkie, I love to explore new places, try new things and learn about new cultures. However, visiting major cities is one thing, and living in them is another thing. Here are a few of my favorite reasons to live in a small city.

1. Cost of living is cheaper

Probably the most obvious reason to live in a small city is because the cost of living is not as high as in big cities. Property, food, clothing, and many other things are cheaper in small cities. You can buy or build your own house easier and quicker, you can buy a new car without huge savings, and eat better without spending the whole paycheck on food. It’s much easier to save money when living in a small city.

2. It’s easier to raise children

Since the cost of living is cheaper in the small cities, it’s easier to raise your family there. Although I do agree that we can raise children anywhere, and a big city can offer our kids many opportunities and a more comfortable life, I must be honest, most children from the big cities are selfish and spoiled. Most of them don’t want to study and to work. All they want to do daily is party and have fun.

3. Nature

In a small city, the nature seems to be better. The air is fresh and clear, especially early in the morning and late in the evening. There are lots of green space, ponds and rivers, breathtaking landscape, animals, and less factories and plants. No wonder people who live in the small cities are healthier and have a bigger lifespan. Sure, it’s all depends on where you live. In some countries, factories and plants are usually built in the small cities.

4. It’s easier to get around the city

When you live in a big city, you have to buy a car or spend lots of money and time on commuting. When you live in a small city, however, you can walk or bike to work. Not only will you save time and cash, you will also improve your health and keep your weight under control. Walking and biking can turn your boring commute into a daily workout. Plus, you can forget about long traffic jams.

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5. Friendly people

Many of you may disagree with me, but people who live in the small cities are much friendlier and sociable than those eternally busy people living in the major cities, who don’t have a free minute to talk to their neighbors. The problem is, most people who live in the big cities don’t know their neighbors and the city itself well. In the smaller cities, people know each other and help each other if needed.

6. Entertainment

All big cities are full of shopping centers, museums, cinemas, theaters, spas, cafes and restaurants. It seems you will never feel bored in a big city. But, smaller cities have a lot more to offer than most people think. There are some parks, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, shops and markets. Yes, they are not as luxury and big as those in major cities, but you won’t feel bored.

Living in a small city has its own advantages. The only disadvantage is job opportunity. It may be difficult to find a good job and boost your career in a small city. But again, everything depends on you. If you want to work, you will find a job. If you want to be healthy, you will be healthy. Finally, if you want to be happy, you will be happy, no matter where you live. Do you agree with these benefits of living in a small city?