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What’s Your Favorite Color? 9 Popular Color Meanings

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Everyone has their own favorite color, but have you ever thought about what your favorite color says about you? While it’s hard to describe each color, there are nine popular colors that we all love. I was always eager to know the meaning of my favorite colors but I didn’t have enough time to do a research. Now that many readers ask us to write something about color meanings, I did a lot of research and spent two days looking for and reading a number of studies, and here is a list of the most popular colors and their meanings.

1. Green

Green is a refreshing color associated with new life and good mood. Although it’s believed to be the color of balance and growth, people who love green things are naive, shy yet kind and easygoing. They don’t like changes and they’re constantly trying to remove their doubts and fears from life. They are sincere and patient. People can easily hurt your feelings and take advantage of you because you trust everyone and respect everyone.

2. Pink

Who doesn’t like pink? Whether it’s a pink lip gloss, a pink summer dress or a pink winter coat, it’s so easy to use this color in your daily life. Pink is the color of romance and youth. People who love this color are looking for true love and protection. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you are weak. You are feminine and you don’t hide it. You can’t stand when someone disrespects you. You love yourself and expect others to love you. But remember, people are different so if someone doesn’t like you, don’t take it personally.

3. Red

If red is your favorite color, you are a self-confident extrovert who live life to the fullest and want to enjoy everything life has to offer. You are bold and open-minded. You are not afraid of new things and you love to take risks. If you are a calm person who loves red, it doesn’t mean that you are not bold and you lack confidence. You just hide your feelings and you don’t let yourself unleash your own potential. Think about it.

4. Violet

Lovers of violet are unique, smart and a bit cynical. You respect yourself, love yourself and don’t allow anyone to hurt your dignity. You love to be different and you are not afraid of changes and challenges. You are strong and proud, and you believe that you can cope with any problem. But sometimes one word can ruin your day. Many lovers of violet are fond of art and luxury things. They love money and work hard to become successful and rich. They value every minute and try to get the most out of the day.

5. Yellow

The color of freedom, easiness and happiness, yellow brightens the world. People who love yellow are sensible, logical and intellectual. They don’t like to take responsibilities. They want to reach many goals in life, but often give up on them. They have high expectations of themselves and people around them, and it sometimes makes them unhappy. Though, people who love yellow are amazingly creative. They are able to inspire everyone to life a better life.

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6. Brown

Lovers of brown are huge overthinkers. They hate spontaneity, changes and chatty people. They don’t act impulsively and they tend to think twice before doing or telling something. They are very reliable and always keep their word. Since they are conservative, they have few friends. People who loves brown value their relationships and they are good spouses. They are caring, loyal and compassionate.

7. Black

Lovers of black don’t like to express and discuss their feelings and talk about their thoughts. They share their feelings only with people they trust, and it’s extremely difficult to earn their trust. You don’t like attention and you can easily spend a lot of time alone. People who love black are usually emotionally insecure. But when they spend time with people they love, they feel happier and bolder.

8. Orange

Do you love orange things and try to incorporate as many orange color into your life as possible? You are a sociable, kind, friendly and overall wonderful person. You are incredibly curious and adventure is something you can’t live without. You don’t take life seriously and you are not always serious about relationships. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you a light-headed person and serious relationships are not for you. You simply show less affection and you don’t eager to spend every minute with your partner. You love to have fun and spend time with friends. You can’t stay home alone for long.

9. Blue

If blue is your favorite color, you are a sensitive, caring woman who can control her thoughts and feelings and who is always ready to help people she loves. You are compassionate, thoughtful, faithful and loyal. You are not afraid of work and you actually work hard to become successful and happy. You follow your own beliefs and you will never change yourself for others.

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As I mentioned earlier, people are different so these color meanings may not seem to be accurate at first. But try to pay close attention to the meaning of your favorite color and you will certainly see that some facts are true. Moreover, if you know your friend’s favorite color, you can find out more information about them. Do you agree with these color meanings? What’s your favorite color?