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9 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Your Best Friend Only

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Friends are an important part of everyone`s life. Isn`t it great when you can be sure in someone’s ability and desire to help you through tough times? Having a real friend is priceless. When you can understand each other without any word you feel some invisible bond between you two and you realize that this relationship is something worth fighting for. You support each other whenever it`s needed and inspire each other`s personal growth. You can learn a lot at school, from your parents or from your boyfriend but there`s something you can learn from your best friend only and here are some of the most precious lessons…

1. The quantity is nothing, the quality is everything

The number of your friends is less important than their quality. You can have thousands of friends but if none of them is real, their true value is equal to zero. You learn that you should take care of those friends who are always ready to help you anytime and anywhere because you`d hardly find someone else who`d treat you the same way.

2. Be yourself

Your friend accepts you the way you are no matter what advantages and flaws you have. You`ll always feel comfortable with friends because you can be yourself and you don’t have to pretend. You wouldn`t need to change your appearance or your interests because friends are tolerant towards each other. Every important choice of yours is going to be encouraged but never judged.

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3. Trust is precious

Even though it`s hard to trust people, especially these days, you can always trust your best friend. You can tell anything about yourself, your family, your deepest fears and wishes. You may be sure that they will never try to make fun of you or hurt your feelings because friends always try to understand and support each other.

4. The world really needs you

Friends always help you as well as you help them. Helping others is so inspiring. You realize that you spend time and strength not in vain but for someone`s happiness, for someone who truly deserves your attention. Friends with all their difficulties teach you one extremely important lesson – this world needs you. The best friend teaches you to live a more meaningful life.

5. You`re never alone

The great lesson you can learn from a true friend is that you`re never alone in your life. You can always ask for help or you may even say nothing but either way there`s someone to support you. Be sure that your friend cares about you and will never let you encounter any problem alone. Friends do their best to motivate each other and share both grief and happiness together.

6. You can share your secrets

The best friends always share their secrets with one another. You may lie at times – there’s nothing wrong with telling a little white lie, after all. While other people can judge you for that, a true friend will try to understand you. It’s difficult to hold everything inside thus you have someone you can share your deepest feelings and biggest secrets with and be sure that this person will keep them for good.

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7. You become better

Friend is the one who can teach you to become better. They`ll not let you remain the same as you are now but try to inspire you to do the best for your self-development and self-improvement. Your friend knows you even better than they know themselves. They`re aware of how persistent you can be when you want it so they`ll always demand you to make all possible efforts on the way to success.

8. How to apologize

Fighting is inevitable in any relationship. No matter how frequent your fights are, you learn how to admit your mistakes and apologize when needed. That`s a perfect life experience. Friendship teaches us to be attentive with our words and deeds. Accepting your own mistake is difficult yet crucially important. Like it or not, you will have to apologize if you’re wrong.

9. Be thankful

A true friend will do a lot for you so there will be the time when you`ll need to thank them for everything you`ve learned. Most of us understand the value of friendship only when we lose it. Be grateful for having friends and appreciate every minute spent together. Everyone knows how great and important it is to feel that you are noticed and appreciated.

The best friend can teach you many precious life lessons. If life presents you with a true friend, be thankful and appreciate your friendship. Oftentimes a friend is better than a partner, or even a parent. What life lessons did you learn from your friends?