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10 Scary Halloween Date Ideas

Catalina 6 months ago - in Love

If you are going to celebrate this Halloween with your partner, it may be difficult to decide what to do. In fact, Halloween is a great time to go on a date with that special someone. This time of year, it’s all about the scare factor, so you have plenty of reason to snuggle up to each other and hold hands. Check out 10 scary Halloween date ideas and choose what you like the most.

1. Visit a haunted house together

Haunted houses abound during Halloween, so check the reviews and pick the best one. You’ll want to arrive early since there is bound to be a line, particularly if you are going on the 31st. Walking through terrifying displays is just the excuse you need to hold onto your date. However, don’t visit a haunted house if you have a weak heart. There are many other ideas you may want to try…

2. Take a stroll through a graveyard

Take your date for a tranquil walk through an old graveyard for your romantic evening. Reading old tombstones can be fascinating and if you’re there at night, it can be spooky, too. Just make sure you have permission to wander the place at night, since jail could be even scarier than any ghosts you might encounter.

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3. Picnic in the forest at night

Pack up a picnic and spend a romantic, yet frightening evening outdoors. Find a dark, secluded patch of woods and spread out your picnic blanket. Enjoying your meal together will be much more exciting when you’re jumping at every creak and crack in the woods.

4. Explore a corn maze

Corn mazes might not sound scary, but if you watch Children of the Corn before you go, you’ll be shaking as you walk. Another option is to head to a corn maze that is open at night. Walking through the moonlit stalks can be very frightening. Don’t forget to hold hands so you don’t lose each other.

5. Hold a ghost story contest

If you and your partner are on a tight budget, you can still have a fun and scary Halloween. Hold a ghost story and see who of you will win. You can also invite a few friends over for a bonfire, some apple cider and ghost stories. Scare everyone with the spookiest story to win a prize. The contest can get pretty heated, so make sure everyone is ready for the terror that follows.

6. Join a zombie walk

Zombies are definitely scary and since there are zombie walks nearly everywhere during this time of year, why not join them? Get your best ripped clothing out and plaster on the makeup. Then head out to shamble around town, freaking people out. A date spent scaring other people is definitely a good one.

7. Become escape artists

Check out an escape game in your area. Escape games involve a group of people entering a room, usually with a theme, and trying to escape before the time limit is up. You’ll have to work together and it is usually best to have some friends along for extra brain power. Escaping from an Egyptian tomb or a mad doctor’s lab can be exhilarating.

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8. Go to a creepy Halloween party

Dress up and head to a Halloween party. If none of your friends are throwing one, check local businesses. Often, theme parks have massive parties that include rides with spooky additions. In some places, the coasters will run backwards or a well-lit ride might be run in the dark.

9. Watch horror movies together

Watching horror movies together is another budget-friendly way to celebrate Halloween. If you are stuck at home on Halloween, pick out a few terrifying movies, pop some popcorn and settle in to get scared out of your mind. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the horror, or you could end up with nightmares for weeks.

10. Take a ghostly walking tour

Most cities have a ghostly walking tour, where a guide leads you around town to haunted locations. A good guide will give you chills with the descriptions of horrible deaths. You may never see your city in the same light again. If you don’t have any ghostly walking tour in your city, you can simply walk around it and recollect some creepy stories.

Scary dates can be a lot of fun. Even if you’re not alone, you’ll have a blast together. The terror is enough to send you scurrying into each other’s arms, making Halloween dates extra romantic. You and your partner can have lots of fun this Halloween without spending a fortune! What other scary date ideas do you have? Any to share?