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10 Creepy DIY Halloween Decorations

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Halloween and Christmas are undoubtedly the two holidays on the calendar each year that bring out the inner child in every adult. Between the candy, gifts, costumes, and decorations, these holidays generate exciting emotions in everyone. If you’re getting ready for the upcoming Halloween celebration, it’s time to decorate your house to have some fun and put a little fright in your guests. Whether you are hosting a party or just want to entertain the neighborhood kids, these DIY Halloween decorations can help make your house the most enjoyable one on the block.

1. Ghostly Bottles

How many glass battles are currently in your recycling bin? If you dig them out of there, you’ve got the perfect starting point for a great centerpiece. Spray paint the bottles white, and use a Sharpie to draw scary faces on the bottles. Throw a few straws into the bottles and you’ve got ghostly holders for straws at your Halloween party.

2. Creepy Napkin Rings

Planning a big dinner party on Halloween? Put some fright in your guests with vampire napkins. All you need is red Kool-Aid, white cloth napkins, and plastic vampire teeth. Splash the Kool-Aid on the napkins, pinch and secure them in the middle with a twist tie, and finish it off by threading the napkin through the mouth of the vampire teeth.

3. Egg Carton Bats

You can quickly and easily turn that empty carton of eggs in your trash can into bats. Paint the egg carton black and cut the cups apart in sets of three. Add googly eyes to the middle cup of the three and hang them upside down from orange or black thread and enjoy giving your guests a little start when they see these guys hanging from the rafters.

4. Creepy Spider Sacks

Spiders strike a nerve in millions of people around the world. Few things in this world make the hair on the back of your neck stand up like a spider web or a spider sack. You can easily create spider sacks to hang around your house with white yarn. Build a sack from scratch by wrapping up yarn (or build it around cups cut out from an egg carton) and you’ll have spider sacks in no time. Hang them from lights, railings, and curtains in your home. Attach some plastic spiders for a little extra touch.

5. Bloody Table Cloth

You don’t want your guests to freely munch on snacks without spooking them a little bit. Using some red paint and your imagination, you can turn a plain, white tablecloth into a bloody table cloth in a snap. Smear some of the paint along the cloth and even get your hands dirty to leave some bloody handprints on the cloth to create a gruesome setting for the serving table.

6. Boo-tiful Door Décor

Wreathes are commonly associated with front doors on Christmas, but you can easily adapt a wreath for use as a piece of Halloween door décor. All you need is a cheap wreath from the local craft store, grey paint, some white felt, and a black bow. Spray paint the wreath grey, add a black bow, and cut some ghosts from the white felt. You’ll have a neat, DIY decorative piece in a few minutes.

7. Victim in the Drunk

Sometimes it simply isn’t good enough to scare just the folks in your neighborhood. If you want to take your spooky abilities on the road, consider leaving a false limb dangling from the trunk of your vehicle. All you need is a long-sleeve shirt, a glove, and some stuffing material. Fill the sleeve and the glove with stuffing. Tie the glove tightly to the cuff of the shirt. Simply leave the arm dangling out of your trunk and enjoy the odd looks you’ll get at the grocery store.

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8. Mummy Hands

Whether you are decorating the serving table inside or adding some character to the front porch, mummy hands are quick and easy to make. You’ll need disposable white gloves, cotton balls, and gauze. Fill the glove with the cotton balls and wrap the entire hand with gauze until you can no longer see the glove itself. Cover the gauze with some dust from outside and sprinkle plastic bugs around the hand. You’ll have a mummy hand that looks fresh from the ground in no time. If you don’t have white gloves, you can make a little mummy.

9. Window Silhouettes

With black cardstock paper or cardboard, you can create eerie silhouettes to place in the windows of your home on Halloween. If you don’t have the cardstock, simply paint the cardboard black. Cut out shapes such as witches, cats, ghosts, and devils. Place them in your windows on Halloween and enjoy watching people approach with caution.

10. Raising the Dead

Do you already have a graveyard set up in your front yard? Add to the eerie scene with some mummies coming back from the grave. All you need are balloons or pillows wrapped in gauze and shaped like a body. Try to keep it to half the body. Create an upper body shape, wrap it in gauze, and stake it into the ground near a headstone. Disturb the dirt around it and your guests will see a mummy trying to escape the ground.

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Whether you want to send a little chill up people’s spines or give them a creepy chuckle, these DIY ideas will help you decorate your house for Halloween. You won’t need anything more than simple supplies and a little creativity to pull it off.