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6 Definite Signs He Really Respects You

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

When you have been in a relationship for a while, you may feel confused about whether or not your partner respects you. He might be caring and loving, but if he does not show respect toward you, it indicates he is not even trying to make you feel happy with him. If he truly loves you, he will respect you. Here are a few signs to prove it:

1. You two fight fairly

Even the most successful couples have the fights once in a while, so a happy relationship is not about the absence of misunderstandings and fights. It is about fighting fairly. It means no swearing, no mental or physical violence, and no humiliating names. If your partner fight fairly, it is a sure sign he truly respects you.

2. You can always rely on him

If your partner is always there for you when you need him, he definitely respects you. He never makes you wait for him or his call. He never ignores your calls or texts and always calls back when he is busy to reply. If you are sure you can rely on him no matter what, you are dating a respectful partner.

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3. He is proud of being your soulmate

Is he proud of your look, goals, job, achievements, flaws, and good traits? If yes, then he is not only in love with you, but he also respects you and everything related to your lifestyle. He is proud to talk about you with his friends and obviously, he never judges or gossip about you behind your back.

4. You are sure he hears each word you say

“Blah, blah, blah,” is not something your partner thinks when you talk to him. He listens attentively and replies accordingly. He lets you express your thoughts first and only then start expressing his. That is because he has tons of respect for you.

5. He is frank with you

White lies are okay, but a respectful partner would rather tell the whole truth than a white lie – even though he might know that the news would hurt you or make you sad. After all, he knows that he would be able to somehow comfort you or at least stay with you and hold hands to support you. Honesty is a part of a long-term relationship and if one partner lies, it is already a sign of a future breakup.

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6. He does not put any pressure on you

He will never make you do the things you do not feel like doing – be it in the bed or daily life. When you say’no,’ he knows that it really means ‘no’ and he tries to make sure you do not feel guilty or under the pressure. He respects your desires, feelings, and choices. He also respects your independence and gives you enough space for making your own decisions.

Here you have it! Some of the most definite signs your partner really respects you. If he shows at least five of them, you are lucky to be in a healthy relationship with a respectful partner. So, does he respect you? How do you know that?