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7 Signs Your Man Is Going to Propose

Catalina 6 months ago - in Love

Don’t you just love romance? I do, as long as it is not cheesy, but when it comes to proposals, I think any proposal is romantic. There is thought and emotion put into the whole act of the proposal. I love that! Some guys want to make the proposal one to remember, so they put a lot of effort and creativity into it. Here are some signs your man might be ready to pop the question.

1. Marriage has been a topic of recent conversations between the two of you

You can bet that if he has been talking about marriage, it has been on his mind a lot lately. It is not common for a man to talk about marriage unless he is seriously considering it.

2. Future plans have been a topic of recent conversations between the two of you

Your man has been talking about the future, and it includes you in the plans. Maybe he has been talking about having a family of his own or is planning on buying a new home. These are good signs that he is preparing to propose.

3. He does not seem to be afraid of the word, “commitment” anymore

When you first met and started dating, commitment was a bad word to him. He was still happy to be a bachelor, but something has changed, and he does not seem so afraid of making the relationship permanent.

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4. He has been focusing on your hands or rings more lately

When he is actually looking intently at the rings you have on your hand or asks you what size you wear, he is probably wanting to get the right size and style you like for you when he proposes. He might also try your rings on his own fingers, so he gets the size right.

5. He wants you to meet his family or meet your family

It is a sure sign that he is serious about your relationship when he wants you to meet, and like, his family, or he wants to meet your family to see how he fits in.

6. He might ask you about how you would want your proposal to be

Sometimes, your man will prod you about your dream proposal. He wants it to be a special event, and he wants it to be one you will love.

7. His affections have been more intense or more frequent

He has been more loving and affectionate recently, or maybe he has been wanting to spend more time together. He might even be telling you he loves you more often. Any way he does it, he is definitely thinking about making your relationship permanent.

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Proposing to the woman he loves takes creativity, ingenuity, and romance. You will know when he is ready to pop the big question when you see some of the signs above. The question is, are you ready to give him the answer he’s seeking?