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How to Start Doing the Things That Scare You Most

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Fear is such a powerful emotion. It can control anyone at any time and for any reason. It can be a good thing to have because when you face a dangerous situation, you need to have that fight or flight instinct, and fear does that for you. However, fear can be destructive and debilitating. It can keep you from growing and experiencing things in life that benefit you in some way. So, how do you overcome fear and start doing the things that scare you? Here are some ideas:

1. Focus on your thoughts

Take time to evaluate your thinking. Really focus on the rationale behind the fear. Is it fear of rejection or failure? Why? Where did that thinking come from? Be completely honest with yourself, and get to the bottom of your thoughts. Do not let lies creep into your thoughts. Focus on the truth of the matter.

2. Redirect your thoughts

Once you know the root cause of your fear, you can teach yourself how to redirect the negative thoughts by turning them into questions for you to examine. For example, if you are afraid to approach someone you have never met before, and you are afraid they will reject you, turn this fear into a question to ask yourself. Ask, “What will happen to me if they do reject me?” Then, think about the worst thing that could possibly happen.

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3. Empower yourself

Take those thoughts from examining your fear and give them power. What is the worst thing that could happen? Whatever that is, take it and give it power by preparing yourself for the worst. Did you have a bad experience before? If so, what could you do differently now? Do what you need to do to build your courage for the situation.

4. Take a deep breath and go for it

Now that you have empowered your thinking, it is time to go for it. You are prepared for the worst, so you have nothing to fear now because you know how you are going to handle it. It is now or never. Take a breath, and do it!

5. Examine the results

Once you have braved the worst-case scenario, examine what really happened. Did the worst thing happen? If so, did you handle it the way you prepared? If not, what good came out of it? What can you do differently next time?

Think about how you feel after you faced your fear and did what you thought you couldn’t do. Remember that feeling when you need to face something new you are unsure of in the near future and rely on it to help you with that situation.

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Even though fear is a powerful and controlling emotion, you can face your fears by empowering yourself and preparing for the worst to happen. This will build your confidence for the next situation. Dig deep into your thoughts and think clearly about the reality of the situation. Then, follow the steps above and start doing the things that scare you. You will be so glad you did.