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5 Ways to Survive Law School and Still Have a Social Life

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Law school is by far one of the hardest academic programs anyone can take. A law school student is expected to spend at least four to five hours of studying every day before heading out to class. It is not an easy life so it can be normal to expect law school students to take time off from their social lives in order to survive law school.

However, if you know how to juggle school and a lively social life, you can successfully graduate with a law degree and still enjoy your four years in law school. Here are a few tricks on how to do that.

1. Sit on the front row

A front row seat can make the difference between you paying attention in class or you using that time to catch up on some sleep at the back row. It allows you to listen to your professor as you take accurate notes. This can be helpful, especially when it comes to professors who only give exams based on the lectures they did and not on the books you read.

2. Set your schedules and stick to it

Discipline is one of the most important attributes anyone can have in order to survive law school. All it takes is a little will to follow your schedules so you can set time for hard work as well as time for a little R&R as a fitting reward. Set a few hours for studying, but dedicate an hour or two to refresh your mind and body by getting away from the books.

3. Use audio notes as much as you can

Audio notes and reviewers are a law student’s best friend. Record your professor’s notes or even your notes, and you can use every bit of idle time for review. Many people retain better if they listen, and this could work for you too. Using audio notes also frees you up to do minor side tasks as you study.

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4. Join study groups and network like crazy

Having many friends in law school can help you succeed. Joining study groups is one of the best ways to get access to support and help especially when it comes to study materials. Study groups also offer a way for you to get more clarification on topics that are unclear to you. It allows you to get to know the people in your class better. Study groups are also one way to keep your social life alive since you are interacting with others outside of class.

5. Enjoy the weekends

Weekends are there for a reason. While you can work like a horse during the week, it is equally important to slow down during the weekend. After all, you are only doing yourself harm if you start each week feeling burnt-out because you did not take the time to recharge. Go out dancing, or have dinner out with friends, anything you can do to unwind from the stress of school.

These are just a few tips on how to maintain a healthy social life even if you are in law school. Juggling work and play can be hard, but these few tricks can help you enjoy your life and create fun law school memories that have nothing to do with books or studying.