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10 Great Things to Invest in on Black Friday

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Money, Shopping

The month of November is when the shopping craze for Christmas begins. No day is more notable for bargains than Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is nothing but slashed price tags and money well spent. If you plan on braving the crowds this year, take my advice and seek out the following deals. I know I will be taking advantage of the opportunity for sure.

1. Major house appliances

Sometimes the best deals on Black Friday have nothing to do with getting presents at budget friendly prices. No, November is the month of remodeling and upgrading. Dyson vacuums, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, toilets… you name it, a home improvement store will certainly be able to save you hundreds, if not thousands, on major appliances. Be on the lookout for coupons and free-shipping from places like Home Depot and Sears.

2. Tablets and e-readers

Tablets and the like get an extreme discount throughout the course of Black Friday and into Cyber Monday. Instead of going into a company’s own store (or website), go to secondary providers. In other words, if you are lusting after a new iPad, don’t go to the Apple Store.

Places like Staples, Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon practically liquidate the cost of these electronic goods down to nothing. But the best deal is not for the new arrivals. If you don’t mind refurbished or previous-generation units, Black Friday and Cyber Monday give you a chance to get these versions for practically nothing.

3. Televisions

Almost everyone waits until Black Friday to buy a TV. Why? You can get a generally reliable piece of equipment for dirt cheap. The trade-off is that these are not usually the name brands you would expect to find in your home. However, if you are looking to upgrade to a 1080 pixel 42 inch home theater, the price will certainly be right.

4. Clothing

Not a lot of luxury brands bother to reduce the pricing on their clothes for Black Friday, but when you are looking for fashions that are predicted to hang around until the next Spring/Summer season, now is the time to scour the sales racks. Sometimes department stores slash the prices or give an additional percentage off. What you will not find on sale, though, is winter gear.

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5. Video game bundles

Since video game consoles and games are always something on the Christmas wish list, it is no wonder that bundles are popular during Black Friday. As I mentioned before in the Hand-Held Devices section, the best deal will be older generations rather than what’s up and coming, but if you don’t mind (or know the kids you are buying for won’t), this is the opportune time to get an Xbox or PS4 with a few games for about $250 or $300.

6. Movies

Although the new stuff rarely gets a discount, the movies that came out in the beginning of the year or over the summer sometimes see 50-75% off. This makes the disc (regardless of it being regular DVD or Blu-ray) way more affordable than streaming it on Netflix or renting from Redbox. Plus, movies and CDs are awesome stocking stuffers, so if you know a Beatles fan and the special collection is on sale, Black Friday might be the time to make their dreams come true.

7. Kitchen tools

For the foodie, Black Friday is the most wonderful day of the year. You can get high and low end appliances at insanely reduced prices. Does a toaster for $5 sound like bargain? How about a food processor for $20? If you are looking to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle for 2017, for one, then upgrading your kitchen gadgets puts you ahead of the game. Also coffee makers and single-serve “pots” that go on sale make great presents for college students and singles.

8. Smartphones

Significant discounts can be found on a smartphone model that will suit your needs. Need an example? On Amazon, some of the most popular and reliable models of phones go for $0.01 if you sign up for a two-year contract. If you happen to be searching for an unlocked phone or upgrading, now is the time. Some electronic stores will slash prices on pre-paid bundles too.

9. Cameras

Like video game consoles and games being bundled, cameras often get a similar deal. Some of us love taking photographs, and that means an iPhone camera will not cut it. So take the time on Black Friday to save a ridiculous amount of money on a DSLR (point-and-shoot) camera, lenses, bags, and straps. You can also get discounts on memory cards.

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10. Luggage

Travelers, rejoice! While airfare does not generally see discounts on Black Friday, you can get a whole new set of luggage for rock bottom prices. If you are like me and are on the move year around, replacing your worn-out suitcase for something more high-tech and lightweight is a good idea. Presently, I’m seeing ads for luggage sets that are originally $200 being reduced down to $50.

Happy shopping! May the coupons, discounts, and traffic be in your favor on November 25. Have you already compiled your Black Friday shopping list?