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5 Times Plus Size Women Win in Life

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Freddy Mercury from the band Queen said it the best, “Fat-bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ‘round.” Sure, there are probably times when you do not feel like you “fit in” to the norms or look as good as your svelte sister. But beautiful soul, you are so much more than the number on the scale. There is nothing in this world that can hold you back. Here are the times plus size women win at life.

1. You win because you are a goddess in the flesh

All throughout human history, the beautiful, healthy lady has been portrayed as curvaceous and sensual. Back in the day, health was seen has a bigger bosom, thicker thighs, and wider hips.

Slim girls are not often the focal point of romantic art – you are. Bony bodies do not look very appealing wrapped up in red and pink silks, dear Venus, but you do. Your full figure is so very much an icon. So whenever you feel down, just remember that your shape is what has inspired artists throughout history, not the waifs.

2. Because you have shape

Curves are sexy. When you have confidence and rock those curves, there is nothing more stunning in this world. Girl, don’t shake your head. Marilyn Monroe was no size 2, and men continue to lust after the image of her standing on that subway vent with the white dress on.

You know why? She filled out her clothing, and she wore clothes that fit her personality. So what if you do not fit into those pencil-legged jeggings? You have a body that accentuates the clothes you wear, not the other why around. You make those clothes.

Take it from me, who has a thigh gap, you do not want a thigh gap. Stop daydreaming about A-cupped breasts. These things do nothing for you when the cool weather kicks in. When you fill out your clothes better, you lose the odd fits, baggy-butt jeans, and tops that do not drape right because you do not have the breasts to drape something from.

Besides, women who wear their clothes well and fill out everything in right places are just infinitely more attractive than women who have clothes just…hanging off them.

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3. And that means you are creative

Although the fashion industry is finally catching on and giving plus size beauties with more styles and fits to choose from, you still do not have an appropriate amount of fashion to pool from. So, what do you do?

You throw your personal flair into it. You get creative with color palettes, accessories, layering, and trends. Eventually, you find styles that portrays you in every sense of the word. I mean, let’s face it, otherwise you look just like everyone else in the magazine – and that’s exactly what you are not.

4. Because you have immeasurable confidence

In case you need convincing, let me say this: remove every doubt in your mind about finding plus size clothing and lingerie that looks good. Remove the negative thoughts about having to lose weight. When you are being you, enjoying love, enjoying food, enjoying time with friends, family, and your significant other, you exude happiness.

One thing I have noticed is that plus size women are like the stars in the sky. You all have such amazing personalities and smiles that chase away the darkness in this world. You have incredible, warm embraces. This is because you do not let obsession with being skinny or restricting calories hold you back. You do not concern yourself with hitting an obscenely low number on the scale, because that’s not you. You made a choice to be happy, healthy, and just all around glorious.

5. Because you are truly unique

We have all seen them: the ladies that are all the same slim shape with the same hairstyle, make-up, dress and shoes. Stepford Wives. Barbie dolls. Though they might be happy, I find that people like this haven’t gotten in touch with what makes them unique. They have lost the need to show more than just their skin.

But you, Venus, you needed to prove to the world that you are a goddess. You have struggled with being picked on and put down. Yet, here you are, looking absolutely stunning with your hourglass figure, with your healthy appetite, exuberant fashion sense, and expressive voice.

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So when do you win? All the time. You win because you are creative, sexy from your head to your toes, and happy. I mean, no one has ever sang songs about skin and bones bringing men to the yard or doing anything for rock, right? Remember, you are beautiful, regardless of your size. Be you, and that light will shine brighter than the sun.