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7 Old-School Tips for Improving Your Karma

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Every modern person has at least once reflected on the problem of karma. People usually mention it when they go through tough times and have no idea how to break the deadlock. An optimist will think that it’s just another life challenge and make an attempt to withstand difficulties. Instead of overcoming obstacles and fighting for the place under the sun, pessimists will certainly flow into mystic. They’ll wholeheartedly believe that all life failures happen due to a mysterious hereditary curse and plunge into the ocean of despondency. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly think that fate is already predetermined and cannot be changed. However, they have a blurred vision of the situation.

Karma is an inner force, consisting of human past and present actions, words and behaviors that can determine their future. Wise people state that one day our both righteous and sinful deeds will come back to us from the past like a boomerang. It means that every person can exert a big influence on their destiny. If you feel that your karma is negative, you shouldn’t go to a psychic, because you can solve this problem yourself.

The processes of karmic healing and karma correction aren’t easy, because human beings are the creatures of habit. Over the years they get used to both good and bad lifestyles, relationships and habits. Sometimes realization and moral preparation aren’t enough. It’s necessary to modify the main patterns of the mind to break the chain of negative thoughts and prejudices.

We need a defining moment that will give us a chance to start from scratch. It doesn’t mean that tomorrow you’ll wake up and understand that your karma and energy balance are perfect. It requires time, patience, mental work, soul-healing and morale-boosting actions. I hope this article will help you improve your karma.

1. Prioritize kindness in your life

You have to develop a set of prioritized values that will help you maintain your emotional, spiritual and physical wellness in daily life. Kindness is a magic value that gives the mankind an opportunity to survive in this harsh and cynical world regardless of everything.

Like anger and indifference, kindness is an essential part of your karma. But everything depends mostly on your choice. When you treat this world with respect, kindness and compassion, you automatically nourish your bright side and radiate positive vibrations. If your heart is full of hatred and anxiety, then your karma leaves much to be desired, because your soul at these moments is under control of your dark side. You’ll have to balance your karmic scales till the last days of your life. By all means, you should try to be kind to others and do wonderful deeds without waiting for something in return.

2. Don’t lose your temper

Anger is an unbelievably destructive emotion, experienced by millions of people all over the world. They get hot under the collar, feel indignation and bitterness every time they face a trouble or difficult situation. People, who prioritize mental and physical well-being, should once and for all understand that such intense emotional response isn’t the best way of dealing with stress and resolving a conflict. Unfortunately, chronically angry people are doomed to failure, constant stress and disharmony in everything they do.

Have you ever heard something about the law of similarity? According to this law, people who’ve similar characters, values and habits attract each other like a magnet. It’s okay when two positive personalities associate with each other, but when two angry ones meet each other, it turns into a conflict and has a poor outcome. If you don’t want to have a negative karma and be surrounded by toxic people, you should learn to maintain your composure and say ‘No’ to anger.

3. Get rid of all grudges and resentment

When it comes to karma correction, you should keep in mind that its transformation starts only from scratch. People who hold grudges and cannot forget old wrongdoings have almost no chance to purify their negative karma and nature. As a result, their sufferings about past misdeeds cause serious health disorders and trigger personal life problems.

But what’s the way out of this challenging situation? First of all, you should promise yourself that you’ll wave goodbye to the feeling of rancor. This feeling is an inner enemy that slowly kills your soul. Then it’s necessary to remember all the people who’ve hurt your feelings and forgive them. I know that it’s difficult to close the eyes to resentment, anger and suppress the obsessive thoughts of revenge, but you should try, because this game is worth the candle.

As soon as you open your heart to forgiveness, you’ll feel an unbelievable easiness and tranquility in your soul. It’s not just a feeling, but a sign that your negative karma has been purified.

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4. Try to see the good in life

I can state with confidence that negative karma is nothing else, but the result of your negative thinking. Today many people don’t even realize that their vision of the world and thinking can have bad effect on both karma and life. Envy, blame, lamentations and indignation have become an important part of their casual life. These personalities usually cannot turn their cherished dreams into reality, because they’ve no faith in themselves and don’t expect a successful outcome, but paint dark pictures in their minds.

I think that even poor perspective isn’t a strong reason to lose heart and look at the world through the prism of pessimism. When you deal with difficulties, you should always believe that everything will go back to normal.

5. Give a helping hand to elderly people

Charity has always been one of the most effective things that can wash away human sins and heal the karma. I’ve also noticed that people who do good deeds always look happy, calm and balanced. It means that charity has a favorable effect on their psyche and emotional well-being.

Nowadays there’re many types of charities. But what kind of charity to choose? Everything depends on your preferences and moral principles. In my opinion, youth should give elderly people more attention, warmth and love. No matter whether they’re lonely or not, these wise, mature, but emotionally vulnerable human beings need care and help. If you, for one or another reason, have no opportunity to give financial help to elderly people, you can at least provide emotional support.

Millions of elderly people who live alone are at risk of depression. From time to time they just need someone to talk to and share their feelings to others. A few simple acts of kindness every day will gradually turn you into a wondrous person. It’s important to help elderly people gratis and selflessly.

6. Take the wheel

People who have negative karma are usually diffident personalities, who don’t agree that human being is the master of the destiny. If you want to change something for the better in this life, you should open your heart and be ready to embrace the change. It’s high time to accept that you’re the only one who’s responsible for everything happening in your life, and karma is no exception.

Take a responsibility for your choices, words, actions and attitudes that build your tomorrow. The next important step is a thorough cleaning. You should take care of your speech, reducing the number of swear words. Psychologists say that vulgar words and verbal attacks can seriously destabilize the psyche of a vulnerable person and cause various physical and psychological disorders. Furthermore, you should rid yourself of all negative habits and obsessive addictions.

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7. Establish a genuine dialogue with your inner self

It often happens that the truth and the answers to all complicated questions are hidden somewhere in the mind, but you can’t always decode the meaning of its signs and hints. Wise people state that it’s necessary to develop an ability to communicate with the subconscious mind. The dialogue with your inner self will give you a chance to understand your essence and teach you to make right decisions in your life.

Besides the inner dialogue, you should stand in front of the mirror on a regular basis and repeat positive affirmations to reassure your subconsciousness that you’re the happiest, kindest and best person in the world.

Now you already know how to reprogram your karma and turn into a wonderful and kind-hearted person. Do you agree that your actions and behaviors can change your karma? Share your point of view!