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8 Unusual Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

No matter how you slice it, St. Valentine’s Day is one of the best and the most beautiful holidays of the year, especially for romantic personalities. I’ve noticed that today many people prefer to criticize and blame this holiday. If you’re lazybones, you’ll also find it pointless and overrated. I’m a romantic person and I don’t agree with this point of view. This day is a chance to ease your mind, express your feelings and let the magic of love fill your hearts with passion, kindness, warmth and positivity. It’s an attempt to make this world better.

St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you should remember that time flies very fast. It’s high time to take a break from your hectic life and think of the ways to make Valentine’s Day unbelievably cool this year. If you have no time during the day, then you can do it at night or early in the morning. It’s hard to believe, but morning is the most suitable time for creativity.

Romantic dates will give you an opportunity to experience new emotions and adventures. It’s important to create a romantic atmosphere in order to win the affection of your partner.

Today many people, especially men, often complain about high prices. I’d like to draw your attention to both expensive and cheap ways to organize an unforgettable romantic date. Hopefully, these ideas will help you have a good time and make this holiday memorable.

1. Déjà vu

Have you ever heard something about déjà vu? Probably every person has experienced this feeling of familiarity at least once in life. I suggest that you reproduce the scene of your first date. This time you’ll behave like actors. You should remember all details and take all little things into account. Put on the same dress again and don’t forget about your make-up and hairdo. Pretend that you’re not acquainted and start everything from the beginning. You may pay a visit to the same cafe or restaurant and order the same dishes. A bit later you may enjoy looking through your photos together and realize that your love is a wondrous and valuable thing. The magic of St. Valentine’s Day will only intensify passion and strengthen your feelings.

2. Date on the roof

What can be better than a romantic date on the rooftop? Frankly speaking, this is my favorite date idea, because I’m not afraid of the highest heights. It seems to me that skyscrapers open the bird view on the whole city. If you have no idea how can you get on the top of the roof, then you can ask your friends for help. Furthermore, hundreds of event agencies will be glad to give you a helping hand and organize the most romantic event of your life in a quite short period of time. These agencies usually find, decorate the highest roofs of your city and turn them into the most fascinating and picturesque places. You’ll have an opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, dance to passionate music and see everything like the palm of your hand.

3. Medieval romantic date

The cherished dream of all women is to fall in love with the knight in shining armor. Many ladies think that such miracle can take the place only in a fairy tale, but they’re mistaken. It’s reality. On the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day men can dress up shining armor and turn into a brave and noble knight. White horse, shining armor, amazing flowers and good manners will impress you favorably. You won’t resist the temptation to plunge into this fabulous fairy tale and have a romantic dinner in a medieval and romantic castle with a knight of your dream. You will embrace each other, sip a good quality wine, listen to piano music and relax.

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4. Play hide-and-seek

Unfortunately, today many people think that St. Valentine’s Day is the holiday for teens and children only. Those who think so are limited and unhappy personalities. They should realize that adults are big kids and nothing can be done about it. Big kids have more skills and opportunities to play really cool and interesting games.

You can make Valentine’s Day more special if you play an advanced version of hide-and-seek game. Your task is to send a hint message to your significant other in two hours before the date and indicate all possible places of your location. This little intrigue will add spice and spark to your relationship. Hunting, mystery and struggle for victory are significant parts and priorities of men’s nature. I think that 2 or 3 hints will be enough to lit the eyes of your loved one. When he finally finds the place of your location, you’ll be able to spend the romantic evening together.

5. Create a time capsule

This idea will make the dates of already engaged couples unusual and symbolic. Dedicate St. Valentine’s Day to a very important and sentimental event of your life. Find a waterproof capsule or a metal case, resistant to corrosion. Then, both of you should put a few common and personal things that characterize your present life, love and personalities in the capsule. It can be a dried rose that still reminds you about your first date and other small, but symbolic things. Don’t forget to write a letter to your future selves and put it into the capsule. Then you should bury this unique time capsule somewhere not far from your house. In ten years, you’ll have a chance to dig it up with your kids and remember that St. Valentine’s Day with a sentimental feeling in your hearts.

6. Picasso Game

The next idea is for creative and self-confident people who’re ready to try something new. You can organize this date either at home or pay a visit to an art studio. I prefer to rent a studio, because it’s crucially important to create a positive and romantic environment during the date. Pretend you’re outstanding artists and this night you have to create a common masterpiece. Don’t fear to do a painting and improvise. I’m not an artist, but it seems that nowadays many revolting and pointless paintings have already become the best masterpieces of humanity.

This romantic and creative activity will help both of you open up and unbend. With the help of a brush, you’ll be able to interpret your personality and portray your emotions with moving sincerity. Plus, your masterpiece will reveal the nature of your significant other.

7. Thematic photo shoot

If art is not your pair of shoes, then you can try a bit another equally interesting activity. Almost all women adore thematic photo shoots. All you have to do is hire a professional photographer and find a romantic and picturesque place for a photo shoot. If you have an opportunity, you may go to a warm and already decorated photo studio. Last year I organized a love story photo shoot in a beautiful park. I can state with assurance that my partner was in the seventh heaven.

8. Make an unforgettable declaration of love

St. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful chance for lovers to overcome their fears and finally make a declaration of love. You can take any date idea and do your best to push the matter through. As usual, women are waiting for the coming of the knight in shining armor and men are fighting for the place under the sun. As a result, they can’t throw the great cast and join their hearts. I think that both men and women should take the initiative to declare their love this Valentine’s Day.

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St. Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday, because love is the main value and priority of my life. I cannot imagine a happy life without romantic dates and communication between me and my loved one. I know that everything has its pros and cons, but I believe that Saint Valentine is the one who heals and joins the hearts of lonely people. You should be stronger and dare to fall in love with somebody again. Try to organize more dates and spend your pastime in a special way. I hope this article will help you organize the most romantic date of your life. Do you have any other interesting date ideas? Share them with us please!