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4 Wallet-Friendly Tips for Buying a Boppy Pillow

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family

Looking for the most comfortable nursing pillow for you and your bundle of joy? Some moms love firm and flat breastfeeding pillows, while others are into the curved ones like a Boppy Pillow. If you are a new mommy, you may have no idea of how this pillow looks like. The Boppy Pillow is a C-shaped pillow moms use to support their babies during bottle-feeding or breastfeeding.

The pillow supports a child in a reclining position on your lap during feeding, so that you don’t have to cradle your baby’s weight in the crook of your arm. It’s versatile and used in many ways. The Boppy Pillow is perfect for tummy time exercises as well. Shortly, it’s an incredibly useful or even must-have thing for moms. If you’re going to buy a Boppy Pillow, here are some crucial tips to keep in mind:

1. Pillow cover material

The outer part of the Boppy Pillow is typically made of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent cotton. However, there are pillows that are made of 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton and 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton. The price depends on the cover material the pillow has. There are two types of cotton: organic and regular. Organic cotton contains less bleaches, dyes and harmful toxins, making it a great choice.

2. Pillow fill material

It’s crucially important to take heed of the pillow fill material. The Boppy Pillows are typically filled with hypoallergenic polyester, though feathers and foam are used too. When selecting a Boppy Pillow for your baby, it’s best to opt for hypoallergenic materials. Don’t purchase the cheapest pillow since it can contain the harsh chemicals that cause allergy.

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3. Genuine Boppy Pillows

There’s nothing wrong with using DIY Boppy Pillows when you make them yourself. I don’t recommend purchasing homemade Boppy pillows since you don’t know what material the seller used. Homemade pillows may contain feathers and down, and the slipcovers may contain latex. Itchy eyes, edema, congestion and a number of other issues are the possible disadvantages of using a homemade nursing pillow.

4. Twin Boppy Pillow

If you are expecting twins, you will need a special Boppy Pillow for twins. This may be hard to find but make sure you don’t buy the first pillow you see. Do your own research. After all, quality is priority. You can buy a cheap pillow, but end up spending more on medicines down the road. When you have twins, the Twin Boppy Pillow is a real lifesaver.

One of the best things about the Boppy Pillows is that moms can use them many years to come. Most mothers confess they use them as travel pillows and as cushioning for a number of floor exercises. Investing in a high quality yet wallet-friendly Boppy Pillow is one of the smartest investments you can make for you and your child. With a great variety of slipcovers in all sorts of patterns and colors, you can update your pillow every other day. In the end, you can make your own Boppy Pillow. It’s not easy but at lest you will know that your baby won’t have allergy.