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5 Ways to Bounce Back from the Feeling of Apathy

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Apathy has become one of the most widespread problems of a modern society. This state of indifference makes people suppress their emotions and remain unable to change something in life. You face the absence of interest and lack of motivation to live. By all means, your mind tries to stay inactive and confront the challenge. Don’t lie on the sofa, waiting until it fades away by itself. The first thing you should do is understand what’s happening to you. Unlike reality, human imagination has no borders or limits. It can create millions of images and summon both negative and positive emotions.

When I had experienced apathy for the first time, I became panic-stricken and started thinking pessimistically. I thought that some serious mental disease had conquered my mind. Thanks God, it was just the feeling of apathy. You’d better stop surfing the Internet and looking for the diagnosis, because various diseases have common symptoms. Try to notice the difference between apathy and bad mood. If you feel down and exhausted for no reason, you should have a good sleep to accumulate more energy. Two days of relaxation can quickly refresh your mind. If the state of indifference and weakness doesn’t go away, you should take other effective and immediate actions, because apathy is the symptom of depression.

Some people prefer to consult a doctor and take all necessary medications responsibly. And it’s actually a wise thing to do. Frankly speaking, I was afraid of taking antidepressants and other medicines, because I didn’t want my mindset to be changed with the help of pills. I decided to use my inner resources to improve my mental well-being. Read on the article and try to understand that apathy, depression and other mental disorders are just the result of unresolved inner conflicts inside your mind. Do your best to settle all these conflicts and you’ll be able to see the world with new eyes.

1. Take a new responsibility

Many psychologists suggest that it’s crucially important for every person to create a good mood when they’re feeling down. As a person who had already seen and experienced the feeling of apathy, I’d like to say that it’s incredibly difficult to boost your mood. It seems that you cannot get rid of bad thoughts and cheer yourself up when you see everything around in dark colors. In this case, try to occupy yourself with something important. Why not take a new responsibility? It will make you forget about your sorrow and worries. When I felt apathetic and depressed, I decided to start keeping a pet. My wondrous cat appeared to be the best therapy that helped me snap out of apathy and become a sunbeam. Every time I played with him, I escaped from harsh reality and enjoyed the moments of pleasure. It’s been proved that cats exert positive influence on human mental health.

2. It’s high time to do a thorough cleaning

I know that apathy doesn’t let you get up from your softly bed, but you have to get all your strength together and do the following thing. Stand up and make yourself thoroughly clean your house. If you find it too boring, than motivate yourself with the help of house cleaning dances. Clean your room and dance to the music at the same time. I’ve watched a lot of funny videos about this kind of house cleaning. This activity is very useful, because it makes you move. The more you move, the more physical exercises you do. Start cleaning the house, room by room and wait for the improvement. Very soon the released endorphins will alleviate the apathy and enhance your mood. As a result, you’ll have all your house tasks done and you will understand that you’re strong enough to overcome the symptoms of this annoying disorder. Keep in mind that active people are less apathetic and depressive.

3. Change your daily routine

If your apathy makes you lose valuable time, you should stop for a while and try to think rationally. I think that your daily schedule isn’t well-organized. Too much free time usually steals your motivation and desire to do something meaningful. You should be busy as a bee all the time in order to suppress the thought about your problem and forget about apathy once and for all. Take a sheet of paper and create a new schedule that will help you manage your time more efficiently and productively. At the end of your day, you’ll feel tired, but happy. Don’t forget to do things in a different order, if you don’t want your life and new schedule to be as boring and predictable as the previous one. It will help you start and spend your day in an interesting and unusual way.

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4. Get involved in new activities

The symptoms of apathy are a sign for you. They show you that your lifestyle is wrong and you don’t satisfy your personal needs. Those people who prefer to go against their nature and ignore their interests, sooner or later get depressed. You can deceive many other people, but you’ll never be able to delude your subconscious mind. If you don’t find your regular activities attractive, you should take up the running and change the way you spend your time.

It often happens that your friends and family members try to prevent you from making a big shift in your life. They start dissuading you from this step. You should learn how to say “no”, if necessary, and continue going your own way. I know that apathetic people are temporary depressive and can hardly invent something new and interesting. You may enjoy the company of your dearest and nearest and let them share their activities with you.

5. Reading therapy

The cheapest way to break the annoying apathy cycle and switch your attention to something more useful is to read a wonderful book. When I’m reading a book, I feel my mind plunged into an imaginary world. I have an opportunity to feel the emotions of my favorite characters and go through positive and challenging events of their lives together. Nowadays many people aren’t fond of reading. If you are one of them, you may want to listen to various audio books online. Download an audio book and let your stereo system read it instead of you.

I hope my personal experience and simple pieces of advice will come in handy and help you get rid of apathy in a quite short period of time. Promise yourself that tomorrow you’ll start thinking positively and stop dealing with toxic people.

Look at yourself in a mirror and realize that your bright smile is the best emotion that attracts people and makes you happy. I believe that human being can take control of the mind and overcome apathy without strong and harmful medications. Have you ever experienced the feeling of apathy? What’s the best way to deal with this kind of problem? Share your experiences!