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4 Wise Ways to Correct the Past

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

What’s done is done and we can’t do a single thing to correct it. This is what we hear when we dwell on the past. Theoretically, we can’t change the past completely. Yesterday is gone. Today you are a different person, anyway. There are times when you have to go through negative and difficult situations. You simply can’t avoid them.

Maybe you hurt someone, or someone hurts you. Probably a few times if not many. Or maybe people say something negative about you, or you spread gossips about them. It’s life. Today you think you are right, and the next day you regret what you did or said. You are only human that commits mistakes we all are guilty of making. The main thing is to recognize your fault and think about how you can correct your past. Take a look at a few smart ways to do it.

1. Apologize

This is a challenging tip, especially if you have hard time admitting your mistakes and faults and starving your ego. You don’t necessarily have to be a people pleaser or the one who’s always the first to apologize. If you really admit your mistake and you want to correct the past to live peacefully and happily in the present and the future, just apologize – make sure you do it sincerely. You won’t die and spoil your reputation if you say “I’m sorry.” Even if that person won’t forgive you, let it be.

Don’t regret. You don’t suffer indignity. You show your intelligence, wisdom, and candour. Mastering the art of apologizing will help you get rid of negativity and guilt for good. Once you apologize, your heart and soul will become pure and you will know you did anything possible to correct the past situation. This will bring healing into your life and best of all – you will forgive yourself.

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2. Forgive

Speaking about forgiving… This art is even more challenging than apologizing. When someone you love and care about betrays and hurts you, you dwell on it, hold on to resentment, anger, and thoughts of revenge. You waste your time thinking of the most hurtful and painful way to make their life as miserable as possible. If this is all what you feel, stop it. What are you doing? You are not trying to ruin that person’s life, you are ruining your own life.

Forgiveness can change your overall life. People who know how to forgive their enemies and nemesis are not weak. They are wise and kind. They use this method to correct the past and move forward. If you feel like you can’t move on, practice forgiveness on a daily basis in order to leave the pain from your past behind. Look for the kindness, love, and beauty around you. Don’t let resentment control your mind and ruin your life.

3. Let go

Now that you know how to apologize and forgive, it’s time to learn how to let go of the past. You would be surprised how many of us let the past dictate our whole lives. We literally live in the past. We can’t spend a day without thinking about something that happened in the past and we can’t change today. One of the best ways to correct the past is to let go of it and open up to new possibilities. Let bygones be bygones.

4. Don’t make the same mistake twice

Finally, correct your past by avoiding making the same mistakes in the future. Every failure, mistake or difficult situation is given to help you build a happy future. Reconsider all your failures and past mistakes, find out wisdom in them, and leave the rest in the past. You don’t dwell on the past, you just need to realize your mistakes so that you could avoid them in the future. Whether you write them down or keep them in mind, you prevent yourself from dealing with your future past mistakes. Less mistakes, less stress, Less stress, better health. Better health, longer life. Get it?

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Nothing can be as hurtful as the past. It easy to say, “Live in the present” or “Forget about your past.” Before you start living in the present, you have to correct your past. Figure out what you can change and what no one can change. We can’t bring a dead person back to life, but we can apologize and revive an old friendship or any other kind of relationship. Keep it in mind. Have you ever tried to change the past?