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Emotional Freedom: 5 Feelings You Experience During Your Spiritual Awakening

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

A spiritual awakening isn’t the best feeling in the world. We experience different feelings but most of them cause a lot of pain – both emotional and physical. Running away from yourself is the worst thing you can do to avoid that pain. Spiritual awakening is a hard process, but very rewarding. You will need to wander in the dark corners of your soul, explore your fears and insecurities, find a true purpose in life, confront your emotions and be brave enough to admit your flaws and mistakes.

Spiritual awakening is the key to a peaceful, stress-free and happy life. We can adopt many habits that promise to make us happy, but the result won’t last for long until you wake up spiritually. Here are the most common feelings people experience during a spiritual awakening.

1. Fears

Spiritual awakening means leaving your comfort zone, so it’s obvious that you face certain fears. Don’t give up. Confront your fears and you’ll see where you will be. On this matter, I really love this inspiring quote by Judy Blume, “Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.” It’s hard to disagree with it. Every fear you have is ruining your soul, preventing you from living a positive life.

2. False self

We often hide our true feelings from ourselves. We refuse to admit our masks, fake behaviors, lies and mistakes. During your spiritual awakening, you start feeling all those things you have been trying to hide and cover for years. You start seeing your true personality and discovering your authentic self. You ego may distract you from reality and the rules and standards that people set daily may prevent you from living the life you want. Once you realize it, you will explore your true self and change your life for the better. The only thing is you will feel guilty for your false self and regret wasted time. Even though this step is tough, don’t step back. Spiritually awakened people live as they were meant to and they know a true purpose of life.

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3. Guilt and forgiveness

Whether you did something wrong or someone hurt you in the past, you will realize and reconsider it all during your spiritual awakening. You will experience terrible pain and disappointment. Forgive yourself first, no matter what you did. You learnt your lesson and realized your mistake. Hopefully, you won’t commit it again. Once you forgive yourself, you will most likely realize that no one is perfect and you are not the only one who can make mistakes. Forgive others too. It’s hard, but necessary.

4. Emotional baggage

We all have some emotional wounds. Most of us are trying to hide and forget them, while others pretend that they are okay. You can be fine, when you hold on past pain. Dwelling on the past emotional wounds is like cleaning the perfectly clean house. It’s just a waste of time. Spiritually awakened people spend some time in the past, but only to find out what they have to let go of. Once they are done, they return to the present moment, without looking back.

5. Confusion

During a spiritual awakening, you get out of the rut, break your own rules, leave your comfort zone, let go of the past and start changing your life. No wonder you feel lost, confused and exposed. There’s no support because you are at war with your own self. No one knows you better that you so asking for help is useless. Get into a habit of meditating each day to truly wake up spiritually and free your soul from the past and the future. Overcome your fears to feel contented, motivated and confident. Let the universe to help guide you. This way, you will live in harmony with yourself and find a real peace in life.

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A spiritual awakening typically has a transforming and lasting effect on a person’s life. We are stuck in a rut because this way we feel more confident. Confident, but not happy. Sometimes a little change can move heaven and earth. Close all of your old chapters and start a new, positive chapter instead. Focus on it and forget the old ones. What does spiritual awakening mean to you?