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9 Simple Ways to Bid Farewell to Morning Disorganization

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Modern people don’t like morning time for many reasons. Both villagers and city dwellers wake up early. They have to work like bees, stick to their crazy schedules and respect other people’s personal time. Unfortunately, many of them suffer from morning disorganization and hurry sickness, since not everyone can prepare for work, have a substantial breakfast and dress up in a few seconds.

What’s giving birth to a mysterious disorganization and constant lateness? These problems are the results of human irresponsibility and indiscipline. People who’re prone to laziness and indiscipline often say that they can do nothing about it. If you’re having the same problem, you should never give up. Good organization and self-discipline aren’t inborn human qualities. Everyone has an opportunity to become more organized and productive. Read on to learn how to turn morning time from suffering into a successful start.

1. Analyze your mistakes

Happy people advise to enjoy this life and think less. Without a doubt, there’s some truth in that. This piece of advice will de-stress your life and make you less anxious, but it’s crucially important not to go too far. Every person who wants to become successful should develop critical thinking skills.

These skills will give them an opportunity to analyze their mistakes, learn something useful from them and make positive changes. If you’ve noticed that your morning routine is always chaotic, it means that you’re doing something wrong. It’s high time to analyze what habits or actions steal your time and make you feel disorganized.

2. Don’t use your gadgets in the morning

When we use our electronic gadgets, the time flies very quickly. Earlier I had a habit of reading the news and watching TV while getting ready for work. It was a big mistake that just stole my energy and time. Bad news often diverted my attention from the preparation, dampened my spirits and made me feel depressed during the whole day.

Later, I decided to begin every new day without my gadgets and other sources of negative information. It was unbelievably hard to get rid of that habit, because like many other modern people, I was addicted to electronic devices, but I did it. That decision gave me a chance to focus on the tasks of my top priority and be more productive.

3. Prioritize physical exercises

It’s been scientifically proven that disorganized people often lack energy due to a sedentary lifestyle. If you feel like you have the same issue, you should make physical activity a priority. This decision will be a significant contribution to your development and healthy future; physical exercises make people more organized, disciplined and active.

Surely, it will be difficult to make a first step, move the situation off dead center and do at least 2 exercises on a regular basis, but you should try – the game is worth the candle. If jogging or other exercises aren’t your pair of shoes, then consider practicing breathing exercises after awakening. These exercises won’t cost you a lot of time, energy and efforts. On the contrary, they’ll fill every cell of your body with oxygen and recharge you with vivacity.

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4. Wake up in an optimistic mood

From time to time, people get up on the wrong side of the bed and say that it’s not their fault. I think that our moods, feelings and emotions depend only on us. If you often feel disorganized and anxious in the morning, then it means that you start your day with negative thoughts.

As an emotionally sensitive person, I know that one negative thought can trigger a depressive state and derail your whole day. I try to wake up every day with a smile on my face, no matter whether I have grounds for happiness or not. If you can’t smile for no reason, learn to enjoy the little things. Psychologists say that positive attitude and optimistic mood boost people’s productivity, improve their focus and increase the chances of success.

5. Prepare the night before

This is one of the most effective old school methods that can significantly de-stress and simplify your morning routine. I know that it’s difficult to make yourself prepare for work in advance, but find the strength and discipline to fight through the temptation to procrastinate everything for the morning. In the evening, it will take you about one hour to pack healthy lunch for work, pre-plan an outfit, send all e-mails and check if everything is ready.

I hope you know that electronic devices often run down at the most undesirable moment. It’s necessary to charge them in the evening, because in the morning you’ll be running out of time. The habit of preparing things in advance will solve the problem of morning disorganization and procrastination once and for all.

6. Avoid hangovers

Hangover is the thing that can seriously destabilize almost everyone. People who’ve experienced it at least once, know what I mean. If you know you’ve to go to work tomorrow, you should be very careful with alcohol. Otherwise, you’ll be recompensed with a massive hangover for the party’s fun and irresponsible alcohol use. It’s incredibly difficult to think and prepare for work when your head is killing you.

Nowadays, there’re a lot of remedies that ease a hangover, but getting through work with a hangover isn’t a good idea. I think the best way to avoid hangover is to wave goodbye to alcohol. If you can’t relax without alcohol, then learn to drink alcohol in moderation.

7. Sleep in a well-ventilated room

We’re so used to the comforts of a modern life that we simply forget to satisfy our bodies’ basic needs. What needs do I mean? First of all, human body needs oxygen, water, other minerals, and of course, relaxation. We prefer to lock ourselves inside four walls, lead sedentary lifestyle, wrap up in a rug and sleep in poorly ventilated bedrooms.

If you’re constantly making the same mistake, then you should keep in mind that morning disorganization and troubled sleep are the first signs of future health problems. Lack of oxygen and absolute comfort can play a low-down trick with you one day. If you want to wake up with fresh eyes and clear mind, try to sleep in a cool room. Some people have low resistance to cool temperatures. In this case, it’s desirable to air the bedroom right before you go to bed and after you wake up.

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8. Take a shower

Morning shower is the thing that can cheer you up and even ease a hangover in the twinkling of an eye. Just open your eyes, breathe in a gulp of fresh air, stand up and automatically go the bathroom. Drops of cold and hot water will make your sleepiness and slowness fade away. Moreover, morning showers will stimulate your nervous and immune systems.

If you’re too sensitive to cold water, then you should be careful with a contrast shower. Although warm shower won’t blow your mind, boost your energy and increase your well-being. When you feel good, you are more organized. But keep in mind that going out right after a shower can be harmful, especially in winter.

9. Wake up at the same time every morning

If you want your body to work like a Swiss watch, you should habituate it to certain regimes, eating plans and ways of thinking. It’s important to do everything approximately at the same time. It will help your body quickly form new habits and function according to new rules.

The main thing isn’t to spare yourself all the time. Making little compromises with yourself is a good thing, yet when it comes to early morning awakening, you should forget about those extra 5 minutes of sleep. This insignificant procrastination can only worsen the situation. When you deviate from the regime and indulge your laziness, you automatically give birth to disorganization, haste and anxiety.

Struggle with morning disorganization is a challenging process, but if hopefully these pieces of advice help you get all your strength together and become more organized. Have you ever suffered from the problem of morning disorganization?