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You Are Not Alone If You Are Ditching Pumpkin Pies

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

About the time Thanksgiving finally rolls around, I have about had it with all the pumpkin-flavored and scented things around me. One more pumpkin-spiced atrocity, and I am about done. So, last year, I decided that TKO by pumpkin pie was not going happen and found myself much happier for swearing off pumpkin pies. This year, it seems more and more are joining me in raising their Thanksgiving stuffed-covered forks and saying, “Nay” to the villainous pumpkin pies.

Yes, dear pumpkin pie hater, you are not crazy

Nor are you alone in your fight against the orange monster. I mean, really, who wants to eat pumpkin pie when you have so many other options out there. Just because it is orange does not make pumpkin pie the golden standard of autumnal desserts. It is a vegetable, after all, and not intrinsically delicious by any means.

Have you ever tried puree pumpkin right out the can?

Don’t! It is worse than that gag-inducing fibrous tip of a banana. Besides, when you have the sweet potato casserole and canned cranberry sauce to deal with, do you really did another ridiculously sweet thing topped with more white sugar? I didn’t think so.

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You know what would be an awesome dessert at the end of a Thanksgiving dinner?

I will spare you the p-word and just offer this sweet advice. Let’s take caramel. To me, nothing says “autumn” like salted caramel, and with Thanksgiving being the last autumnal hurrah before things start getting merry and bright, why not end your November with something like salted caramel brownies and caramel apple cream puffs?

Or why not whip up something truly spectacular like a caramel apple blondie cheesecake? It is Thanksgiving, after all. If there is one day out of all the other 364 in the year to cheat on calories, it will be Thanksgiving.

Chocolate is another good substitute for vile pumpkin pie. Have people who can’t stomach regular baked goods because of Celiac disease? Try a gluten-free chocolate ganache tart (and if you do not have to worry about gluten, swapping in regular flour is easy). Chocolate truffle cake also sounds like a jaw-dropping way to finish your meal.

Here are some other wonderful options that have nothing to do with pumpkin:

Apple Pear Crisp with Peanut Butter – what is not to like about crumbly, warm granola, apples, pear and peanut butter?

Dark Chocolate-Walnut Caramel Pie – heavy breathing. Yeah, I am going to be thanking whomever loads my plate up with a heaping slice of caramel, chocolate and chopped walnuts.

Gooey Apple Pecan Bars – here is something slightly healthier if you dare to watch your waistline around this time of year!

Vegan Sweet Potato Pie – at least, something orange that actually tastes good as pie (and that is way healthier for you too).

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As you can see, there are plenty of options to keep you away from pumpkin pie and all things pumpkin-flavored this Thanksgiving. Just stick to taking out your frustrations on carving those evil orange orbs then tossing them in the garbage once Halloween is over with!