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5 Festive Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving

Catalina 6 months ago - in Entertainment, Family

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday to share with family. After filling bellies with the traditional delicacies of Thanksgiving and the naps have been taken, what else can you do with your family? Watch movies, of course.

To me, Thanksgiving is a holiday that seems to often get squeezed out by Halloween and Christmas. I think that is true for Thanksgiving movies as well. So, I asked some friends what their favorite Thanksgiving movies were. They had some great picks.

1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

This movie is a favorite of many. It first aired, November 20, 1973 and has had a few remakes since then. It mixes history, friendship, and tradition in a very entertaining movie for all generations. The whole gang is such a beloved part of the Thanksgiving movie tradition. There are so many favorite scenes throughout the movie, especially when Snoopy and Woodstock serve popcorn, toast, and jelly beans. This is a must watch if you have a variety of ages to please in your home.

2. A Family Thanksgiving

This is a Hallmark Channel Original movie that aired November 6, 2010. The movie is about a woman who puts everything and everyone behind her career. Through some magic, she is given the opportunity to see what being a workaholic has kept her from enjoying in her life. It is well liked by many viewers because of its sweet, uplifting family theme.

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3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is such a funny movie. It came out in theaters in 1987 and was a super hit. The movie is about a guy trying to get home for Thanksgiving who ends up traveling with an annoying travel companion. They have their misfortunes as they travel, but in the end a life lesson is learned. The iconic comedians are what make this movie so hilarious.

4. The Walton’s Thanksgiving Story

The Walton’s Thanksgiving Story first aired in 1973. It is a heartwarming story of hard work, love, and what a family endures during the depression as they rely on their strong faith to get through the tough times.The two-part episode is a heartfelt movie for the family to enjoy. The family values it portrays is invaluable for these times in which we live.

5. Son In Law

If you want to watch a kooky, fun movie on Thanksgiving, give Son in Law a try. Released in 1993, Son in Law is about a farm girl who goes to college in Los Angeles and comes home for Thanksgiving with her new friend who happens to be quite the “party animal.” She convinces him to go to her home acting as her fiance, and the fun gets going from that moment on.

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You can find many holiday movies for Halloween and Christmas, but Thanksgiving movies are not to be missed. There is usually some warm, enlightening message within the movie that you will truly enjoy. Whether you choose sweet family movies or quirky comedies, take the time to relax and enjoy your evening after the family meal has been eaten and the dishes done.