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6 Pros and Cons of Thanksgiving Wedding

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Thanksgiving is the bliss of the year. All the holidays of the year come and go but thanksgiving is something that is remembered many years to come. It has a certain charm and history to it. The get-together time of the family is certainly that of the Thanksgiving. Some of the greatest pros and cons of having a wedding on Thanksgiving go as follows:

1. The best get-together

The greatest pro of having a wedding on Thanksgiving is the get together. Everyone is ready to come to the best of the most important events of their families. The need to provide time for one’s family on Thanksgiving is the best.

2. Getting the airline tickets

If it is easier to fly as a family on Thanksgiving, it is not very easy to pay for them all. The airline tickets are outrageously high during the holiday season because people are flying from all over and this is the high time for everyone to make money – and so they do. If you are on a budget, it is better to skip a destination wedding.

3. Arranging the food

This one is a part of a pro and a part of a con at the same time. Thanksgiving parties are in fact hard to arrange when it comes to the food in the party. Yet, the bonus is you do not have to prepare a family Thanksgiving dinner and then worry about the wedding food.

4. Skipping the event

You may not like it but this is a fact. Some people may avoid your Thanksgiving wedding. This could be related to the time they would like to spend with their family and kids. Whether you like it or not, some people do actually prefer the comforts of their home during the holiday season.

Though, this advantage that could be counted out of this could be that the guest list would be shortened. This would definitely help out with the budget of the wedding too. Less number of guests is like less money spent.

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5. The double prices

People who are going to help you arrange your big day have their own plans for Thanksgiving. Just because they seem to be happy to help you, be sure you will pay a double price for everything – literally. And it is not only about Thanksgiving weeding; the holiday season is rather long.

6. Choosing a wedding theme

When you are having a Thanksgiving wedding, picking a theme is easier. Just like you typically decorate your house for the holiday, you can decorate your wedding venue. You do not have to go overboard and rack your brain trying to come up with some unique ideas.

All in all, Thanksgiving would be a great time to start a family. If money is a problem, consider having a small wedding. After all, a happy marriage is not about how big your wedding is. Have a charming and peaceful wedding this Thanksgiving. Make sure you will make gratitude a priority on your big day!